Celvin X shares an exclusive guestmix full of classics!


After a long period outside of the limelight, Celvin X has returned to the Dance music industry.

Making movements reminiscent of his initial rise in the late 1990’s, we have a lot to look forward from the talented multi faceted musician. With new singles forthcoming on Naked Lunch Records and Amigos Recordings, he is looking to quickly make his mark on a brand new scene once again. We caught up with Celvin X and he has kindly recorded an exclusive guest mix for us, full of classics and new works from some great artists. Check it out and make sure to support the artist on his social platforms if you’re a fan!


Kaiserdisco – Orcus (Andre Crom Remix)
Slam – Pantera (Original Mix)
Tensal – Praxis (Original Mix)
James Bong – Guf (Original Mix)
Slam – Pantera (Original Mix)
Ramiro Lopez, Andres Campo – Pachamama (Coyu Raw Mix)
TENSAL – Taneblum
CLERIC – Moxie
Slam – Static Form (Original Mix)
Chris Liebing – C (Original Mix)
SYMMETRICAL BEHAVIOUR – Convolution Neural Network
Klaudia Gawlas – Moondance (Original Mix)
Celvin X – The Memory (Original Mix)
PERC – Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (feat Gazelle Twin)
SLAM – Ecclesiastic
Ruhbarb – Cataplasm (Original Mix)
Confidns – Extase (Chris Liebing Remix)
Frederik Hatsav – Final Scan (Original Mix)
Andre Crom – Consciousness (Original Mix)
Flug – Network Slaves (Original Mix)
Radio Slave, Danton Eeprom – Grindhouse feat. Danton Eeprom (Slam ‘Drum’ Mix)
Oscar Mulero – Texture (Shlømo Remix)

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