[PREMIERE] Crissy Criss, Erb N Dub, Malux – Rollerball

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Twenty five years in the making, Ram’s reputation has pushed itself into dance music’s forefront, with it becoming one of the most exceptional imprints to push the drum & bass sound worldwide.

Ram’s sister label, Program has been the centre-point for cutting edge drum & bass alongside its versatile roster of artists; one which stretches into the further reaches of every painstakingly engineered sub-genre.

From their varied beginnings, alongside Erb N Dub, well known for his cross-pollination of dance music, neurofunk stalwart Malux and renowned taste-maker Crissy Criss, have come together to bring their musical selections into production, extending decorated careers into the back catalogue of underground imprint Program.

For a second release they bring the undiluted, nastily manufactured sound which first saw them explode on the Program platform. They yet again draw from three different production styles and merge their skill sets to produce two records of audio annihilation.

‘Rollerball’ begins with scuttling percussion and a skipping relay of beats which lay out the diced up track intro. With robotic vocal samples and gradually revving bass, the bassline’s distortion creates an anti-drop which still packs a heavy kick alongside every snapping drum punt. A track which gyrates with every dangerously honed groove, it epitomizes what Program stands for – contemporary drum & bass which smashes limitations.

So once again, it’s time to once again get with the Program; joining its world for another slice of the harder underbelly.

Drum & Bass enthusiast. Exit Records and Alix Perez Fanboy.

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