Danny Scrilla – Fight or Flight EP


German producer Danny Scrilla is known for an intricate approach to his production which is a mix of drum & bass and electro dub. He’s been releasing on Om Unit’s label, Cosmic Bridge, since 2012, with two 12-inches for the outlet as well as contributions to both of their Cosmology compilations—Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

After experimenting with tempo and style, Danny Scrilla found comfort in the 80-90/160-180bpm range, exploiting slow/fast halftime tempos and combining them with the sonic essence of ’06 OG Dubstep’s dark sparse dreadnought sounds.

Dub and Soundsystem culture heavily influence the Scrilla sound so it is unsurprising he background in Roots, Dub and Dancehall as part of a legendary dub soundsystem. Previously based in both Berlin and London, and now residing in Munich, Danny Pirkl debuted as Danny Scrilla in 2012 on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge imprint. After providing a remix for Reso’s ‘Check 1, 2′, he joined Civil Music to release ‘Fluxus EP’ in 2013.

The London based producer has been on a roll in 2017. After releasing a full-length project in the form of “Ancient Musical Box” which was inspired by a desire to experiment outside of club conventions, Danny Scrilla is back with yet another piece of sublime music.

After making his debut on Amit’s AMAR records by remixing Amit’s much famed Fatty Batty, Scrilla is back with ‘Fight or Flight’ EP.

‘Fight or Flight’ is a four track EP filled with diverse Grime related beat science w/ instrumental Hip Hop & half-stepping Drum & Bass vibes. It’s inspired more by ambient and synthesizer music, though grounded in the same “minimalist approach” and “melodic motifs” that he’s always been known for.

Drum & Bass enthusiast. Exit Records and Alix Perez Fanboy.

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