10 Best Music Schools in The U.S.

best music schools us

Music is an art form worth practicing. Being quite unique in its nature, the music manages to tackle people’s hearts and souls like nothing else.

No wonder that there are so many young people who are pursuing a career in music, wanting to make it a part of their lives.

Yet, in many cases, in order to play music professionally, a person must graduate from some kind of music school. While it might be relatively easy for a talented person to get into music college, some challenges can be encountered even earlier.

Picking Out an Alma Mater:

No matter what you are planning to do for a living, the quality of education is always of top importance. After all, this training will define the quality of your work in the future by far and, thus, ensure a certain degree of success.

Nearly every education essay sample speaks about it. When it comes to music education, a lot depends on talent, however, the way you develop it largely relies on the educators that are supposed to do that. That’s why selecting a music school suited for you might sometimes be hard.

When picking a music college or university, there are a bit more aspects to consider than for a non-music school. After choosing the wrong alma mater, students urgently seek essay help services to help them cope with their assignments. This happens because students become unmotivated. At the same time, some aspects considered for a regular school might be more important for the music institute in particular.

For example, when it comes to practical experience, you must always be sure that you’ll have lots of it. Stage experience is one of the most important aspects of music training, and it must be acquired before you go sailing on your own.

10 Best Music Schools in The United States:

Additionally, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with written works as you must practice your instrument or specialization a lot. In a situation when you might think, “where can I buy an essay online?” you should certainly find an easy answer fast. And let’s never forget about leisure and entertainment. If the school offers enough of it, definitely go for it. And so on. Here are some of the U.S. music schools that you’ll never regret applying to.

1. Jacobs School of Music.

Essentially, the music department of Indiana University-Bloomington, Jacobs School is not the easiest place to get into. With an acceptance rate of around only 25% and a high tuition fee, the school offers lots of experience and an individual approach.

2. Berklee College of Music.

Quite a popular music school in Boston, MA, and for a reason. With its high access to music practice and free-spirited student life, Berklee offers one of the most exciting experiences in your life.

3. Oberlin College and Conservatory.

Being another school with a limited number of students, Oberlin usually provides music education to no more than around 3,000 students at a time. That, in turn, means a more individual approach. On top of that, the school has quite a serious reputation, graduating a few prestigious prize winners and even Nobel laureates.

4. Peabody Institute.

A part of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, the institute is also very selective, tutoring only about 300 undergraduates at a time. While being hard to get into, Peabody is extremely diverse in its discipline and effective in its approach.

5. Lawrence University Conservatory of Music.

Being one of the oldest music schools in the United States, the Conservatory of Lawrence University is apparently effective in its approach, especially, the vocal department. Lots of students and alumni of the Conservatory become the winners or finalists of The Voice show.

6. School of Music, Theatre, and Dance at the University of Michigan.

Focusing mostly on jazz and performance arts, the school is located in Ann Arbor, and is quite selective, having only nearly 900 students at a time. Great for focusing on art and creativity, this school is definitely for those who want to make art for art’s sake.

7. The University of California at Los Angeles.

Focusing primarily on ethnic and classical music, UCLA has an excellent reputation among students and alumni alike. One of the major benefits of this school, in particular, is that it provides rather generous tuition discounts for California residents, so if you’re one, you should go for it.

8. Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester.

Located in the state of New York but far enough for the busy New York City, Eastman is a dream come true for passionate music performers. Containing a variety of faculties for lots of different instruments, Eastman will find a place for nearly everybody.

9. University of Miami Frost School of Music.

This one is definitely a place for those who want to pursue a career in classical music. Some professors at this school are some of the most iconic classical performers who know what they are teaching.

10. Thornton School of Music.

A part of the University of Southern California (USC), Thornton is known for its detailed and very thorough approach. Containing faculties dedicated to studying particular musical instruments, this should be a place for true music nerds.

Setting Off for the Voyage of Life:

Entering a college or university is a very serious step in every person’s life, and it may sometimes be a deciding one. Higher education often defines the personality of an individual and helps them acquire most things that they will bring with them throughout their entire lives.

This means that the school such a person chooses to get the higher education at should be truly their place. When it comes to music, this question becomes more relevant than ever. Moreover, the deciding step must also be a decisive one.


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