10 reasons to attend ULTRA Singapore

10 reasons

Following the record-breaking inaugural edition of Road to ULTRA Singapore in September 2015, ULTRA Worldwide now confirms the launch of a full-scale, two-day festival for Singapore in 2016! ULTRA Singapore is just around the corner and if you haven’t yet made up your mind of whether or not to attend this massive event, we’re giving you 10 reasons to do so!

1. 21 hours of partying

If you don’t know it yet, let me be the one to give you the wake-up call. ULTRA Singapore is gonna be on for two whole days! Oh yes, September 10th and 11th from noon to 10:30 pm is gonna be ULTRA time in Singapore and if you thought partying for a few hours was fun, try this marathon of 21 hours over two days.

2. Exclusive location

10 reasons

ULTRA Singapore is gonna be held at an exclusive location right by the beautiful Marina Bay. Named ‘ULTRA Park’ the venue is a huge lush green pasture right by the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and it almost the perfect spot for an outdoor event of this scale in Singapore. With open spaces so that attendees don’t feel too crammed, ULTRA Park is definitely gonna be a fan favourite.

3. Line-up

10 reasons

One of the biggest reasons anyone would go to any event, the line-up. ULTRA Singapore’s lineup features almost 50 artists from all across the world. We’ve got the big guns such as Axwell Ingrosso, DJ Snake, Kygo, Afrojack, Deadmau5, Zhu and more as well as local talent such as Myrne, Rave Republic, The Sam Willows and more. I’m sure there’s something for every single dance music fan out there.

4. 3 stages

An ULTRA event is never complete with just one stage. With 3 massive stages this year, ULTRA Singapore is set to have a treat for every single attendee. We’ve got the Main stage, Live stage and the Resistance stage proving that ULTRA truly is a festival of diverse sounds.

5. Grand Prix Season

10 reasons

Yep, another reason why ULTRA is a must on the list is cos it falls right at the start of the Grand Prix Season in Singapore. Now if you’ve been to Singapore during this period before, or lived here for a while you’d know that the most insane of parties and performances happen around the F1 period. Last year was Maroon5 and Bon Jovi, this year is Imagine Dragons, Queen and Bastille, the F1 line-up does tend to bring in the best international talent out there. So where does ULTRA fit in? Well if you’d book your tickets smartly, you could not only attend ULTRA Singapore but stay for a while in the country and even get to the attend the F1 race a week later. Seems like the perfect party plan to me.

6. People

10 reasons

One of my favourite things about the ULTRA brand is the sense of unity. The event brings in people from all over the world, allowing them come together for an international celebration of dance music. Hey, and you can always play the ‘guess the flag’ game while dancing in the crowd.

7. Production

10 reasons

If you know ULTRA, you know they put a lot of effort into their production. From the stage to the effects, pyros, fireworks, dancers, everything; the whole event is built up and executed to a whole other level. Whether you’re going for the music or the experience, the ULTRA atmosphere is like none other, and from what we’ve already been teased, ULTRA Singapore is set to deliver.

8. Long weekend

This one’s for all the locals in Singapore. I get it, we’re all busy with work and going to work the day after a massive two-day festival can be tiring. Well, you won’t have to cos the day after ULTRA, Monday is a public holiday! That means not having to wake up early in the morning to get up and ready, instead you can relax in bed and rest those tired feet of yours that’ll have probably been jumping throughout the past two days.

9. Ultimate party in south-east Asia

No offence, but Asia has had its fair share of major events. From ‘Road to ULTRA’ being held in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and even Singapore you may think you’ve seen it all. Heck, ULTRA Singapore isn’t even Singapore’s first two-day fest; there’s ZoukOut for that as well. But really? Are you sure it compares? After all, this is ULTRA we’re talking about here. I’ve been to ZoukOut years back and I’ve enjoyed it but do I think it’s gonna be upstaged by ULTRA? Well looking at the lineup itself, I have to say YES. Let’s face it, ULTRA Singapore IS the ultimate party in the region at the moment and you really shouldn’t miss it.

10. And finally, if none of the above reasons have persuaded you to get your ULTRA tickets, let me give you one more…

This is the first ever ULTRA Singapore (No, Road to ULTRA did not count). If nothing, you will gain the ultimate bragging rights for attending the debut edition ULTRA SG. Hey, you can even get a new Facebook or Instagram picture of you at the first ever ULTRA SG, how cool is that?

So think about it. If not now, then when? The time to party is now and ULTRA Singapore is the perfect place to start your ride. A limited amount of tickets for ULTRA Singapore are still on sale. Grab em while you can right here.

We’re gonna be there, are you?

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