10 trance artists who made our 2017 better!

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Best Trance Artists 2017


2017 has been revolutionary for the scene! We look back at some of the best artists we have had through the year. The list has been compiled based on the releases, productions and performances of the artists this year.

Disclaimer: We have tried to cover artists from all the subgenres of trance including a few new artists you should be listening to. The list however had to be restricted to just 10, or there would be a lot more artists we would love to feature on this list.

Ferry Corsten

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Ferry has had an absolutely wonderful year. Blueprint was revolutionary. No artist has ever managed to conceptualize an album the way this man has. His live shows too have been phenomenal. And not just his work as Ferry, but every release under his Gouryella moniker has also been very well crafted. His album may have not been nominated for a Grammy, but he managed to win a place in the hearts of trance fans all around the world

Will Atkinson

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What can we not say about this man? His remix of Without you was all it took to have us floored. This year, he has proved his versatility. Along with dabbling is psy, tech and uplifting as Will, he has also released tracks on Anjunabeats under his Josep moniker. And that is not just it. We also hear he is coming out with new tracks under his Darkboy moniker too!

Robert Nickson

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Robert Nickson has been on an absolute roll this year. May it be with his productions or even his live shows. Every show has been unique and he has been promoting his live act which has been phenomenal. Having quality releases on FSOE, Pure Trance and Flashover to name a few and even have mixed the latest Pure trance vol.6 along with Solarstone and Factor B, he has finally got the recognition he deserves after all the years of loyalty and persistence. We can’t wait to see more from him in 2018!

Bryan Kearney

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The man behind Kearnage has always been belting out quality tracks. Infact, this year, he may even be bagging the tune of the year with “All Over Again”. He has had multiple releases this year, each and every one of which was lapped up by trance fans. Master of the 138 style, he is known for producing quality tracks that can get anyone dancing.

Yoel Lewis

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We still haven’t gotten over Caesarea from last year and Yoel Lewis is back to give us more! With releases like Tuviana and and his remix of Summer’s gone, they have always produced tracks which have gained the likes of most of the big names in the industry. Their remix of “Xplode” has been played in almost every set by Armin Van Buuren this year. Do we need to say more?


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Statement prodigy Estiva has been producing some wonderful stuff for years now. This year has also been brilliant for the man. With tracks like Blossom, Barba, Unowa and Little planet to name a few. Estiva has established his own sound and has been successful in carving a niche for himself in the industry. His sound is instantly recognizable and his performances have an infectious energy which keep the audience yearning for more.


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Rich has always been the flagbearer for sounds which are pure, hence the label Pure trance! Helming the label, he has used it as a platform to push out some brilliant tracks that essentially give all listeners a taste of what the best of trance is supposed to sound like. With his album and his recent pure trance mix, he has established himself as one of the best in the genre.

Paul Thomas

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Recently launching his own sub label “Ultra Violet” on Future Sound of Egypt, and playing in front of the pyramids at the FSOE 500 celebration, this year has been one of tremendous growth for Paul. With some killer productions including his latest on “Alpha Papa”, he did have one very impactful year!

Ciaran McAuley

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2017 has been a fantastic year for the Irish star, having played some of the biggest events in Europe like Luminosity Beach Festival, Electronic Family, Quest4Trance, Creamfields, Rong Victoria Warehouse to name. Ciaran has had no fewer than six top ten original tracks on Beatport this year, including several huge reworks, which have also won the acclaim and support of many big names including; Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, Gareth Emery, Aly & Fila, Solarstone, RAM and Giuseppe Ottaviani.

Stoneface & Terminal

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The two dynamic German DJ’s who have been killing it in the scene! They have been releasing banger after banger. Every track released by them on FSOE Clandestine has been crazy! Want to get a party started and have the entire crowd head banging? These are the guys you should be looking at! Apart from that, they have also had releases on Armada, Coldharbour and Blackhole recordings. We can’t wait to see what the coming year brings for them!

This is our list! Who else do you think should make it on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Shivani Murthy



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