2020 In Review: The Best Trance Songs Of The Year

2020 In Review: The Best Trance Songs Of The Year

While a lot of things have gone horribly wrong in this unfateful year 2020, we intend to help you start 2021 on a happy note, by bringing you a compilation of some our favourite music across genres, from the past year.

The festivals, and live parties took a halt this year, however, the studios of all DJs across the world remained unfettered by the pandemic, making our lives a little easier in these tough times.

In the next few days, we bring to you some of the best music, precisely, the Top 20 tracks of various genres that were released in 2020.

To start off with, here are our Top 20 Trance Songs of 2020.

20. Above & Beyond – Blue Monday

What’s a trance chart without the name of Above and Beyond in it? Of all the new songs this year from them, Blue Monday stands out for its unconventional take and the mixture of many surprise elements. Let me not tell you more – listen to it now!!

19. Andrew Rayel & Roxanne Emery – Never Going Down (Richard Durand Remix)

Roxanne never ever fails to impress us with her enchanting vocals, which is the case in this track too, as her voice leads the way. The original energy in the track induced by Andrew Rayel is enhanced many notches up by the able hands of Richard Durand and you’re bound to love it.

18. Aly & Fila with Plumb – Somebody Loves You

A song that starts off in an intense fashion, quickly transforms into nothing short of exhilarating. While the fast tempo has you hooked to it, the combination of touching lyrical work, makes the track an incredible one. At the end of it, the track seems more like a tool to liberate your mind!

17. Elysian – Little Star (Maor Levi Extended Remix)

This track grips you right from the word go. With an incredible mix of vocals, euphoric build-up and a fast tempo, this is one song that is sure to have rocked the minds of every trance fan around the globe. With a drop that yet again gives a festival vibe, the track also houses some dubstep elements, making it an interesting piece of top-class music.

16. Craig Connelly & Siskin – All For Love (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)

Here’s yet another track that has been produced by the able hands of Craig Connelly while getting an undeniably addictive remix from the masterful Giuseppe Ottaviani. The quiet, melodic lead to the drop is exquisitely delivered and will surely leave you with a content heart.

15. Allen Watts & Steve Dekay – The Phuture

Right from the beginning, this one adorns a rough and hard-hitting vibe to it. Unmissable is the classic tease before the song drops into a phase of absolute frenzy. The Phuture surely has the ability to transport you to another place – maybe the future too! 😀

14. Kyau & Albert & Steve Brian – Candy

Very subtle yet addictive is what Candy turns out to be. With beautiful transitions from a fast pace to something very soothing, the artists surely made this one with the intention of offering a wholesome experience. I would call this a perfect track for one of those sundowners by the beachside.

13. Cold Blue – Ocean Breeze

With this track, one really wonders how the artist has made something dreamy and enchanting blend with the rough texture that it begins with. Hitting the right chords in your mind, Ocean Breeze offers a liberating feeling, while ensuring that nobody on the dance floor has a single moment to rest!

12. Armin van Buuren & MaRLo ft. Mila Josef – This I Vow

A track that houses a classic house vibe, some unexpected transitions, and soothing vocal works is what This I Vow is. The masterful mixing from Armin, coupled with the energy MaRLo brings in, has truly made this track a stand-out festival banger!

11. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Tricia McTeague – Only A Heartbeat Away

A track that is led by some amazing vocals, always leaves a mark in our hearts. One such track that surely grabbed our attention this year and shows all potential of being part of all-time best tracks is Only A Heartbeat Away. Lose yourself to the track!

10. Taylor Torrence & Tara Louise – Dream Again

If you need a track that will keep you bouncing all throughout, you need to get this one onto all of your party playlists. Groovy synth works, gentle transitions and a euphoric feeling is what it has to offer – making it one of our absolute favourites this year.

9. Andrew Bayer & Ilan Bluestone – Black & Blue

Ilan has been in the midst of some incredible music all 2020, but Black & Blue with Andrew Bayer clearly is the cherry on the cake. Right from the start, the track promises to be an absolute festival favourite. Its euphoric energy makes it absolutely addictive! We bet this will make its way into your playlists for a long time!

8. Solarstone – Seven Cities (Tom Staar Remix)

An absolute beauty of a track is what Solarstone and Tom Staar have created with this one. Dreamy, ecstatic, and absolutely gripping, this is surely to be one of our personal favourites this year. This will have you hooked.

7. Andrew Rayel & Olivia Sebastianelli – Everything Everything (Cosmic Gate Remix)

One of the few tracks that ruled the charts for a good while this year, Everything Everything surely houses all the essentials of being a crowd-favourite. The intense calmness created by the track, soon transforms into that of thumping energy – of course after teasing you for a good while!

6. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Explorer

Yet another feature from Giuseppe on this list – and boy does he deserve it! The sheer intensity created by the master producer with this track draws one and all towards it helplessly. Unexpected twists and exhilarating energy right till the end is all the reason you need to get glued to it.

5. Marcus Schulz, Haliene – Tidal Wave (Daxson Extended Remix)

How will a trance chart ever be complete without the name of Marcus Schulz? One of 2020s most remixed trance songs was Tidal Wave – setting it up to be a track that could be a must-have at every festival in the years to come!

4. The Art of Trance – Madagascar (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)

As the name suggests, the original and the remix, have both shown the essence of art in them. This intense art has created an experience of absolute madness and euphoria aside from having been on the top charts for a long while.

3. Cosmic Gate & Andrew Bayer – The Launch

Managing to keep you hooked with a rusty opening, the track quickly transits into a phase of absolute dynamism and gives you an enigmatic feel. The feeling is quite rightly just ‘The Launch’ into a drop that will get any crowd to go absolutely berserk!

2. I_o – Castles In The Sky

As unfortunate as it sounds, Garett did pass away at the age of 30, not too long since the release of this song. We heard some of the best works of dance music from i_o this year. A lot of fans did miss his work and poured in a lot more love for his work. Castles In The Sky has been an absolutely professional display of the talent that the artist possessed. You’ll love this one! We’ll miss you Garett.

1. Ferry Corsten – Tomorrow

Our favourite song for the year was an absolute beauty from the able hands of Ferry Corsten. There’s a touch of magic in this production and no I’m not exaggerating that! The combination of a cosmic vibe, an upbeat tempo, and an ability to help the listener become emotive is what I believe this track has achieved. Hence, the top spot for this year!

So that was our top 20 Trance tracks of 2020. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and share it with your friends!

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