3 Big Mistakes To Avoid In EDM Production

mistakes to avoid in edm production

When you create and mix a lot of EDM, you start to notice the same production mistakes over and over.

To help you avoid these pitfalls, we’ve narrowed the sins down to these big three.

1. Overthinking and Overworking your Track

When diving into EDM production, it’s easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture. Have you ever found yourself
tweaking EQ for hours, only to realize that you’ve made little progress towards a full track arrangement? This tendency to overthink and
overwork your track can quickly drain your initial excitement and leave you frustrated with a half-formed idea.

Focus on each element briefly and make quick, decisive decisions. The best tracks often emerge from a series of swift, well-judged moves.

Keep your tracks focused on the idea that you started with. Your inspirations for new music usually begin with a single element that you
love: a riff, a bass line, a simple rhythm, a melody… Build the rest around this single element to avoid getting lost.

One of the most common pitfalls is producing without a strong core idea. Every track should be built around a central concept, whether it’s
a captivating harmony, exceptional drumming, innovative sound design, or an irresistible vibe. Without this strong foundation, you risk
overproducing a weak idea, resulting in a cluttered and unfocused track.

Keep a minimalist approach, adding elements and effects only when needed. This kind of discipline will allow each element to shine and
ensure a cohesive and impactful listening experience. Ultimately, a few well-produced elements will always trump a cluttered arrangement
lacking in substance.

2. Using Poor Quality Audio Gear and Samples

You will need to find quality audio gear and samples if you want to make quality tracks. The top of this list includes your DAW, plugins, and sound libraries. Avoid using generic, low-quality samples and sounds.

When creating your own unique sounds, use real and virtual instruments that you can actually play. There’s no point in owning an
expensive synthesizer if it just collects dust.

For vocals, use a good microphone in an acoustically treated space. If your space isn’t treated, use a high-quality dynamic microphone in your studio to avoid picking up unwanted background noise.

3. Excessive Limiting and Compression

Loudness wars of the past have lingering effects on producers today. Loads of EDM tracks lack dynamics because the producer went wild
with a limiter or compressor.

Use compression judiciously to keep punch and energy in your tracks. (Make use of auxiliary sends and returns!) Instead of applying heavy
compression across the entire track, opt for subtle settings that gently shape the dynamics while preserving the natural feel of the music.

Additionally, employing parallel compression can be beneficial, allowing you to retain the dynamics of the original signal while still
achieving the desired level of control.


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