3 Well-Known Musicians That Were Also Skilled Gamblers

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When it comes to music and gambling like casino 25 freispiele ohne einzahlung, these two industries are very similar to certain points of view since both of them aim to provide joy to their users. Both of these industries are delivering entertainment even if they are doing it through different means.

Because of this underlying connection between music and gambling, there’s no surprise when the two intersect each other. This combination can be often noticed when looking at musicians who also enjoy gambling.

In the past, we’ve had many popular artists that were also great at gambling, managing to take the best out of both worlds. Because of that, we take a look at 3 well-known musicians that were also skilled gamblers.

Frank Sinatra

Sinatra was an actor and singer, one of the most impactful musicians from the 20th century, his music is relevant and very popular even today, decades since its creation. The longevity of Sinatra’s creation is a statement for his brilliance.

As an Italian immigrant in the USA, New Jersey, Sinatra had to overcome many challenges to get to where he was. However, since launching his solo career in 1943 people have considered him as one of the greatest singers of all times, his songs being used even today.

There’s a close relationship between Frank’s music and the world of gambling since his songs have been played in ice casino and casino movies for decades now. He built a strong connection between the world of musing and the world of gambling through his songs.

Sinatra’s connection to gambling goes beyond music since the singer was also known for enjoying various casino games every once in a while. Frank Sinatra even bought a casino, Cal-Neva Lodge & Casino, in 1960, and turned it into a popular gambling place.


If you’re familiar with rock music, you probably have heard of Lemmy since he’s a legend in the rock community. Lemmy is probably best known as the singer and bassist of Motorhead, the world-known rock band.

Lemmy is known both for being a brilliant musician but, also for his gambling passion. His love for gambling was often expressed while playing various card games, and a lot of slot machines that resemble a lot with the ones found in online casinos like the Stargames Casino.

Moreover, Lemmy expressed his passion for this activity through various songs that became synonymous with the world of gambling over the years. One of his most popular songs is called “Ace of Spades,” a go-to song for the gambling community.

Jay Z

Going more into mainstream culture, Jay Z is one of the most famous musicians of this century, and also a great gambler. He built for himself a great reputation as singer, entrepreneur, and producer but, also as a proficient gambler.

Jay Z is a legend in the world of rap, besides the many hits that he released, Jay was also the president of Def Jam Records for a while and the founder of Roc Nation.

The musician is best known for gambling in private settings with other skilled people, and even celebrities. Jay Z describes himself as being almost a professional gambler which lets us wondering how often is his practising this entertaining activity.

Even if he is 49 years old now, Jay Z is still widely influential in today’s culture, his music-making it into the tops all of the time. Regardless of his age, Jay Z is still an active gambler, his favourite games being poker and blackjack.


Gambling and Music have had a strong relationship in the past, both of them greatly influencing each other and the world. Many great musicians had a great impact on gambling culture, their songs and lifestyle becoming synonymous with gambling.

Among all of the musicians, the three mentioned above have been skilled gamblers, their passion for this activity being noticed even from their songs and their day-to-day lives.


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