4 Artists Share Stories Of What They Have Learnt During COVID-19 Quarantine

music activities during quarantine

With the entire world under lockdown (well, most of it!) due to COVID-19, the effect it has had on the music industry has been very impactful. With artists staying at home and no longer being able to play gigs, it was interesting to see how they are spending time at home.

We spoke to 4 artists to see how they are using this quarantine period!

Alex Arcoleo

So far self-isolation has forced me to streamline my production process with minimal equipment, and find ways of working around the lack of tools. I’ve found this to be a very positive and challenging task, and is actually proving to be quite productive! Although we shouldn’t feel like we have to use this time to get creative (in my opinion it could act as a very positive time for reflection), I generally start to feel a little anxious if I’m not completing writing and creating, so this has actually provided an opportunity to work around the inevitable limitations a lockdown presents for music producers. I’ve also spent some time writing and recording a few songs with my 3 year niece! Which has provided endless fun, and is something I hadn’t thought of doing before Covid-19.

Saint Lanvain

As we are all stuck at home, I decided to leave Europe last minute before it closes for real (indeed with mask and gloves) , I sold my flat in Paris and I arrived in Brazil, a country where I feel good and where I can create. This Country makes my heart warm and I can fully focus on production. I’m also in quarantine here, but in front of the sea, it’s like a golden prison :p

As I’m on my own here, and that I have all my equipment, I decided to improve myself and to learn something else than piano, to add more skills to my Live DJ set. So I bought a guitar in a Supermarket (thanks Brazil for selling guitars in some supermarkets, the only shops opened here), and I started an online guitar school. I wanna be out of the quarantine with some real Guitar Skills, of course I have been taking hours of school and trying. But it’s my goal of Quarantine. Being alone allows me to fully focus on this and I will tell you in a month how things have been I probably will stay in Brazil for a while, this is how my life changed in the past days. Big moves bring new things, always. And I’m ready for it !


During these very weird times I’ve been really picking up on learning how to play the guitar. I’ve been playing the piano since I was a kid and studying it ever since but found later that getting stuck in a certain way of playing an instrument really limits your writing sometimes. So far I’m pretty much only hurting my fingers but I promise it’ll sound better as soon as possible! Stay safe, healthy and home!

Hektor Mass

My daily routine is wake up, have some breakfast, workout, send emails and work on music. I’m also watching my favourite TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ and reading books to fill the day. There are so many things to do at the moment if you can be a little creative, and the good part is that there’s no deadline – you can take it easy.

In these difficult days, we should try to connect with ourselves and do things we love: listen to more music, paint, read, learn to play any instrument, watch funny movies, speak with people you didn’t have the time to connect with every day… I think this is a good point to start new things in your life.

The only big change for me is that now I’m doing DJ sessions via phone and from my home so I can’t feel the crowd in front of me. I only can read their comments, and that’s something I really miss. This is why I’m doing Instagram live, to try to make people happy for a few hours.

What have you been upto during this lockdown period? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments’ section below!

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