4 reasons why you should RSVP to Budweiser x Boiler Room presents: What’s Brewing in Mumbai


In anticipation of the debut Boiler Room session in Mumbai, India presented in association with Budweiser, we thought it would be fitting to give you a few reasons why you should definitely RSVP to the event.

So get scrolling and check out our list of what we feel the Indian session is set to offer:

1. Concept


First of all is the concept. You can get in provided you are one of the lucky ones with a spot on the guest list. If not, you can always listen to the live stream on their website for free. That’s the beauty of Boiler Room. Boiler Room describes itself as a community. Music is the element that connects people worldwide. It is like a concert for everybody.

2. Artists


Boiler Room’s knack of handpicking the best artists for their sessions has been their greatest strength and they have delivered yet again for the India session. London based producer Darren Cunningham aka Actress is one of the treasured figurehead in electronic music. His sets are known to be innovative and experimental.

Accompanying Actress for the debut session are Mumbai based future garage producer Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes, Rahul Giri aka “_RHL” who is one half of the Bengaluru based downtempo duo, Sulk Station and Ketan Bahirat aka Oceantied who is known for his fast-paced footwork & jungle music. If you’ve followed the Indian electronic scene closely, Sandunes and Oceantied need no introduction. For us, they are one of the most technically sound artists. Their enthralling and intriguing sets have set them apart making them one of the sought after artists in the country.

3. Venue


Along with picking the best artists, Boiler Room have mastered the art of picking the right venue for their shows. The idea is to create an atmosphere which makes the artists feel relaxed and under less pressure. The proximity of the artist and the crowd tends to get the best out of both.

4. Boiler Room knows what you did last night

Boiler Room is not just for the music but also for the fans. The tumblr account ‘Boiler Room knows what you did last night‘ collects the best moments from the gig. Some gifs they post are worth a giggle.

All the above reasons make Boiler Room a unique concept and definitely worth looking at if you are a fan of electronic music (if not, you might just become one afterwards!) and certainly one gig the folks in Mumbai can look forward to.

Learn more about the event, here.

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