4 Things You Should Know To Date Online With A Music Lover

dating a music lover

Most people would agree that music provides the backdrop to our lives in contemporary times, centuries after Shakespeare called music the ‘food of love,’ accompanying our rises and falls, daily encounters, and relationships.

Is music really the food of love? You just need to look back on your romantic memories. What is life without either love or music, after all? If you’re dating online and happen to meet a person who is a true blue music lover, while you’re not, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a relationship with each other. All you need to know is to be mindful of a few facts about them.

They Will be Surrounded By Music

People that you can meet through online dating can be musicians by profession or their way of life. They can even have the same tastes as you, which you can learn from their dating profiles. Their life is immersed in music and follows them everywhere. They have speakers installed in all their rooms, the basement, the kitchen, and maybe even the bathroom.

They like their music to follow them wherever they go. If you visit their home, you’d be awestruck by the way they take care of their music. Everything, no matter if it’s physical or digital, is organized with meticulous precision. Maybe they catalog their songs by genre, by artist, date of release, or album.

But one thing is certain, their system is bulletproof, and they can instantly tell you exactly where a certain song would be. If you weren’t so in love with them, you might go so far as to think they’re crazy.

They Are Like An Encyclopedia with a Great Knowledge About Music

They would be the human equivalent of a music encyclopedia. They know and remember everything there is to know about music, more specifically about their kind of music, the type they love to listen to.

That might sound nerdy, but it’s not. It’s rather impressive. Imagine you meet someone at some Uptoflirt, and you are just dating online, talking about stuff, and suddenly you mention a song you heard that day. They start rattling off the song’s history and trivia with bubbling enthusiasm. Surely you’d find that cute and probably arrange a date.

Everyday things bring a song to their mind, and maybe also bring a story with it in which you’ll play a major role.

When Dating Online They Start a Conversation With Song

They can write an entire book on a song they like. Well, if not, surely carry on an entire conversation when dating online. If you meet such a person on a dating site, in some chat room – they’ll tell you how some people’s lack of musical sense appalls them and turns them off.

They’ll tell you about the time they went to that music festival to listen to the artist singing this one song or how another song reminds them of their eighth-grade crush. Best of all, they’ll not even notice much if you don’t say much; they’re happy to go on and on about that one song.

If you’re the perfectionist type, you might want to take this opportunity to brush up on your knowledge of musical matters before dating online with such kinds of people.

They Will Use Songs to Impress You on Online Dating Sites

If they are a huge music lover, the chances are that music is a big part of their personality, and they can’t do anything without it. So if you have met online on a dating site, they will try to get your attention by using songs and lyrics. And you can bet they have a song or two up their sleeve no matter what the situation is or no matter what you’re talking about.

If they’re the proactive type, they’ll make your playlists according to your mood or what they want you to feel, or what they want to tell you about their feelings. They can somehow intuit what songs you’d enjoy and will have recommendations ready for you, and if you want to impress them, you better do your homework!


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