5 moments that will give you goosebumps after watching the Avicii documentary on Netflix!


Avicii: True Stories has begun showcasing on Netflix from 28th December 2018. We are sure, a plethora of Avicii’s fans have seen the documentary and there are many more who are waiting to see it.

While Avicii was very open about his mental health issues, his death also led to a lot of DJ’s talking about their mental health struggles.

True stories, was shot by Avicii’s close friend Levan Tsikurishvili, a director who followed Avicii throughout his career. His aim was to focus more on creating an honest film about Tim as a person. He said ‘Everybody knows Avicii but very few people know Tim. I think this documentary really shows Tim’s struggle and strength of character. Being a worldwide superstar artist is not as easy as it looks on Instagram.’

We took a look, and definitely found the documentary compelling that touches the craze of the dance music phenomenon, along with managers and artists willingly risking heir health and friendships in order to make sure, tours/shows don’t stop.

Here are 5 moments that gave us goosebumps while watching the documentary:

1) 2012: Avicii was hospitalized in New York for Pancreatitis, and despite the pain, he decided to continue doing his shows with painkillers.

2) 2013: Avicii was hospitalized again and he continued to take his painkillers and continues doing his shows a few days after. You will also see Avicii struggling to keep his eyes open after he leaves the hospital to continue his touring.

3) 2014: He was hospitalized again a day before he was headlining the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. His pancreas, Gall Bladder, and appendix needed attention leaving him in excruciating pain. Avicii underwent a surgery which meant taking the appendix and gall Bladder out, and jumped back into touring right after.

4) 2015: Avicii is working out in the gym and despite doing better with his health, when his heart rate rises while working out, it makes him feel worse because his body feels like it’s going through a panic attack.

5) 2016: Avicii tells his manager over and over again that he won’t be able to play anymore and that playing any further will kill him.

However, his manager who has been his friend, all-too-willingly pushes him to do more gigs and thinks that Avicii does not understand the value of money or the consequences the cancellations will cause him. However, when you watch the documentary you will see that Avicii is aware of the consequences and takes a conscious call of not doing shows anymore, despite the push from his managers.

Well, even though his manager thought, Avicii was not aware of the consequences, we think that he was pretty aware of his finances and his career in entirety. He left a fortune for his parents even after his sudden passing, which shows he planned well and made great strides early on because of this reason.

The documentary also focusses on the fact that even though you take the touring away from a musician, there is still a music composer in him, that wants to make great music. Levan has shown Avicii on the beach playing his guitar just like he always wanted. When Avicii quit from 2016 from touring, he said – ‘I will never let go of music and I will continue to speak to my fans through it’.

Avicii though no longer amongst us, still continues to speak through his music, with ‘I could be the one’ reaching 200 M streams on Spotify since it’s release in 2012.

avicii true stories documentary netflix

As a last note, which was your favorite moment from the True Stories documentary, do tell us below!

Paridhi Bhatiya


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