5 Reasons You Need To Invest In A Record Player

reasons to get a record player

You have probably been missing the thrill of seeing your favourite artists perform live this year.

While everyone from Kylie to Beyoncé dropped visual albums and live-stream performances, the sound quality of our devices could not quite measure up to seeing them in concert.

It’s no wonder then that sales of vinyl records have boomed this year. With many of us stuck inside the house, with extra concert ticket money to spend, it makes sense to invest in the superior sound quality of a vinyl record player.

From your grandad’s old turntable to a modern machine, there are plenty of record players to choose from. Here are our reasons why you should buy one now.

Get the cool factor

Let’s face it, with nowhere to go and not much to do we all need to create a few moments of cool for our social feeds. Get some flashing lights and glitter ball for a full disco experience or create a retro-styled vignette to make your followers swoon with a stylish Crosley record player.

Discover your family’s favourites

You might have been poking around in the loft this year – looking for lost treasures or hiding from your family – and you might have stumbled upon your parents’ old record collection.

Why not give it a new lease of life and discover the artists that inspired your family back when they were cool.

Listen to better sound quality

Your favourite streaming service might be brimming with every song under the sun but listening to it through headphones or tinny smartphone speakers does not do the music justice.

With a smooth sound and soft crackle between tracks, record players provide a beautiful and mellow sound quality that brings your music blissfully to life.

Put your records on

While you might not be able to recreate the hustle of a live concert, you can still make music a physical experience at home. From sliding the vinyl out of its sleeve to lowering the needle and pressing play, a record player creates a real experience that cannot be beaten.

Build your own collection

If your family’s dusty old collection doesn’t quite do it for you, start building your own. Current artists regularly release vinyl editions of their best-selling albums and you can find plenty of vinyl online.

Go even further and invest in a multicolour or transparent vinyl to complement your chosen record player.



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