5 remixes that prove Bonobo’s mastery at remixing!


Bonobo’s music transcends boundaries. His music luxuriates in detail and betrays a deep-rooted love of sound, texture and atmosphere, whether it be of unusual or mundane attribution, it doesn’t matter. Bonobo’s lush, emotive productions are, in their own quiet way, revolutionary in a mainstream musical landscape. The timeless touch to his production has been the reason behind the love he has received from fans across the world.

Bonobo released his sixth studio album Migration via. Ninja Tune and once again Bonobo has built a monumental narrative in the form of 12 tracks, each conveying a starkly different chapter through his eclectic production style and ability to build such a powerful atmosphere.

Along with Bonobo’s solo productions and collabs, over the years, he has also delivered some genius remixes. His remixes have the exact emotion and drive we would expect of his productions. We take a look at some of Bonobo’s finest remixes.

1. London Grammar – Hey Now (Bonobo Remix)

The remix shares very expansive, intimate sonic spaces, and the connection between the original and the remix is pretty magical. Bonobo has Hannah Reid’s soothing, soulful vocals forefront, as well as looping and drifting in the background, while guitar plucks and warm synth patterns build toward crisp, climactic break-beat grooves. The rework entirely offers a contagious drum switch-up at the 1:10 mark and builds onto to magical journey.

2. Maya Jane Coles – Something In The Air (Bonobo Remix)

Bonobo gave a delightful revamp to Maya Jane Coles’ “Something In The Air”. The tone is set early with atmospheric pads and bird chirps against a subtle rhythm, slowly building the tension with grace and gentleness into an unfathomably groovy tune. Super airy, slightly clubby, a perfect addition to your Bonobo collection.

3. Henri Texier – ‘Les Là-Bas’ (Bonobo Remix)

Funky/jazzy retouch of “Les LeBas” is one of the most intriguing Bonobo tunes we have come across. Bonobo takes the musical nature of the original and morphs it into something slightly more modern while retaining the essence of Texier’s version, introducing more driving percussion and some extra melodic elements. The result is quite danceable and soothing all at once.

4. Pilote – Turtle (Bonobo Mix)

The remix is a heady blend of country and blues guitar, lush soundscapes and rhythmical trickery. The sounds gleefully beat multiple genres turning into an intense rhythmic roller.

5. George Fitzgerald – Full Circle (Bonobo Remix)

The ‘Full Circle remix’ is yet another flawless rework by the legendary producer. This one comes in rather on the lets-chill-and-just-go-with-the-flow vibe. The track gives a much brighter feel and some signature sounds of Bonobo himself. Very chilled and awesome like the original!

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