5 artists to look forward to at SulaFest 2019!

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One of the country’s most versatile festivals, SulaFest is all set for its 12th edition this year.

Happening at the Sula Vineyards in Nashik, the festival is a home for world-class music, exquisite gourmet food, wine, and the works.

If you’re someone who has an artistic inclination – whether, in fashion, music, food or just someone who loves to lose yourself in scintillating music, this is the place to be. Here, we present to you the 5 artists you need to look forward to this SulaFest 2019. Take a look.

1. Jungle – United Kingdom

Founded by Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, the band has been entertaining the world since 2013. Their popularity is backed by their incredible live performances, displaying their mid-tempo 1970s style funk. With hit singles like “Platoon”, “Busy Earnin”, “The Heat” and “Happy Man”, the band has been rocking the charts. Having played on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And Glastonbury Festival early on in their career, they have grown many folds. Now, they are making their Indian debut and we strongly recommend you don’t miss their show!

2. Mother’s Cake – Austria

One of Austria’s revered bands, Mother’s Cake is set to join the fun at SulaFest. Having been influenced by The Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin and more, the band has been successful in making their music heard far and wide. Having started to play in 2008, the band went onto creating successful albums like “Love the Filth” and “No Rhyme No Reason”. Catch this exciting funk, hard rock band this February.

3. Shankar Mahadevan – India

People in India don’t really need an introduction to this man. The national award-winning artist has been very influential in the Indian music circuit. Whether you’re a teen or a millennial, this man has the charisma to serve the ears of one and all! Make sure you don’t miss out on the magic that this maestro is set to create.

4. Lucile Crew – Israel

This international Groove collective brings out an effervescent display of hip-hop, Soul, R&B, and Funk. With a quick rise in their career, powered by support from the radio and print media, the crew has been on multiple European tours. With their “Restless Mind/Exhausted Body” EP, the crew has been highly acclaimed.


This young homegrown talent hails from Bengaluru. His Hip-Hop, Bass, and Electronica works have been creatively infused with old Indian film music and audio collected in remote parts of the country. With the debut EP “Hindustani Rascal”, the artist gained huge appreciation which led to the second EP “Vote for Worms”. Having supported many international acts, and having played at NH7, Sunburn and many more renowned stages, the artist’s music has been released on French, Irish and UK labels.

What are you waiting for? Make plans and set off to Nashik right away!

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