5 Tips on How to Write a Good Music Review

how to write a good music review

A music review contains the opinion or response of the author to the piece of music.

As a rule, a review is written to leave an impression. Reading the review forms a certain attitude towards the song or album for the reader. It is necessary that the review be as objective as possible and carry the maximum of reliable information.

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And now, let’s proceed to the tips, which will help you to write a great music review.

1. Analyze the music and melody

Consider the melody and music of the song. First, the music and melody create the impression of the song. You can make an educated opinion about the song and understand its meaning after listening several times in a row.

2. Analyze the key of the song

Describe the key of the song, the quality of the arrangement, and the sound of some musical instruments. For example, listen to the root note of the bass, and think about what it would be like without drums. When writing a review for a specialized publication, you need to describe everything in professional terms, trace the composition of the song, and analyze all its parts.

3. Mention the musical style

It is necessary to note the musical style in which the song is written and the quality of the recording. It is better not to compare it with the previous repertoire of the performer, unless, of course, this song is radically better or worse than the previous ones. Note what emotions the song evoked in you, what impressed you the most, and what upset you.

4. Analyze lyricism

One of the main parts of the song is poetry – that’s why you should briefly describe its content and meaning. Emphasize the lyric beauty, its fullness, and the content.

5. Include details

Tell more details about the song, the history of its creation, how the writing was prompted by some events in the author’s life – all the facts about this will be very interesting to the reader. Just do not go into the very smallest details because it will not add meaning, and the impression can be ruined.

It is necessary to analyze the work as objectively as possible; your attitude towards the author or performer should not in any way affect the quality of the review. You should be as honest as possible with the reader and write a review that should not include either continuous praise or negative comments alone.

To sum up

You must describe the strengths and weaknesses of the song, its beautiful moments, what you didn’t like, evaluating the talent of the musicians and the performer, and in general, all the positive and negative impressions. The main thing is that you must remember that you are analyzing the song and writing a review of it.


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