7 Tips & Tricks To Make Yourself A SoundCloud Master

soundcloud best practices

In 2008, Germany-based Alexander Ujung and Eric Wahlforss launched, what would become, the largest online music streaming website in the world with over 175 millions monthly followers.

This article will help you in your quest to buy active SoundCloud followers with simple instructions on what-to-do and what-not-to-do in order to increase engagement on SoundCloud. Fasten your seat belt because at the end of this read, you’re about to become a SoundCloud Master!

Share. Everywhere.

SoundCloud is the first site you should get to if you want a worldwide reach to your audio content. But far more important is how many people you can truly reach. SoundCloud offers you the option to share your uploaded audio to a number of social media platforms.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram– social media is all the rage now! For maximum reach, share your SoundCloud audio everywhere. Your content will not just reach your target audience who subscribe to your channel but they can further share your audio to other friends and followers!

It’s a simple trick, but I guarantee you, it works!


Increase engagement with your followers on SoundCloud.
Fans and followers are the best when it comes to sharing content they love. If they love you, they’ll be loyal followers forever! A trick to become the master of the trade is to interact with your fans. Be it on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, daily interaction is a game changer.

Admit it, whenever your favourite singer or actor or influencer replies to your comments, or says a simple “Hi” while going Live, or texts you back after receiving appreciation from your side, don’t you feel like the luckiest person on the planet? Well, you can do the same for your fans! Engage with them, interact, send them links to your content and ask for their feedback. This works wonders to encourage people to buy subscriptions on SoundCloud.

Creative Album Art

An interesting album art makes such a big difference. A blank space denotes lack of depth. There is a certain dearth of emotions associated with albums which have blank spaces for art covers. Albums with even the simplest of pictures show what it means to the artist. The ones who can relate to it, feel themselves to be drawn to check out what the album entails. A blank album cover is like a blank canvas, screaming to be filled by the artist.

If you get the right art for your cover, it immediately makes your album more interesting, interactive and relatable . Your viewers think you understand the depth of the art you’ve created. Make it stand out in a crowd! This increases your subscribers and helps you buy SoundCloud followers.

Play to your strengths

Observe your followers. Increasing engagement with your followers on SoundCloud will help you realise the kind of content they like best from you. Some albums are more well-received than others. Identify those. Check if they are of a particular genre or which kind of audiences you are trying to target with the kind of work you upload.

Hone your strengths, better your weaknesses. As they say: Content is king. If your content isn’t received well, it won’t get the reach it deserves and your viewers will diminish. Play to your strengths and keep your viewers happy!

What’s cooking?

Create a buzz on social media. A tiny snippet, a subtle peak, an aura of mystery– all of these help to a healthy build up for your content. How you promote what you’re uploading is just as important as what you’re promoting these days. Look at it as a sort of a cooking challenge!

Prep your content like you’d prep your veggies, marinade your content in a sauce of mystery, simmer it to perfection and douse it in healthy creative spices! The more exciting your trailer the more it will entice your audience and keep them waiting for more.

Hashtags, Comments and Links

The most common tip and trick to increase subscribers and productivity is to make exclusive and creative hashtags that can be traced back to your album. A few tags common to your posts and familiar to your followers would help them keep a track of your recent uploads.

Commenting on your own tracks might sound silly, but it really does help! Commenting along with your fans can also be another easy way to interact with them. There’s a sort of humility and vulnerability to being accessible to your viewers.

Sharing links to your SoundCloud is another important aspect of viewer building. Sharing links before the release of a track has been a successful method to create excitement among followers. It drives them to buy the premium subscription just so they get more than a glimpse. These tricks will simply but surely encourage SoundCloud followers to buy subscriptions.

The three C s.

Conviction, Confidence and Clarity.

Trust yourself. Trust your process. Have complete conviction in your talent and hard work, the rest will follow. Confidence is key. Believe in yourself and have the confidence to be fearless enough to upload your media. Clarity in creativity is the most tried and tested trick you absolutely need to follow.

It makes your content more authentic and grand. Purity in your creativity ensures your followers count gets a strong boost. So follow the 3 Cs and stay true to yourself!

Congratulations. You’re now a SoundCloud Master! Go follow these 7 tricks and trust that you and your craft are invincible. Buy SoundCloud followers with ease and make sure you engage with them on a regular basis to keep them on their toes!



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