7 tracks to gear you up for the Vini Vici India tour this November

India tour

Vini Vici is a project of Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh. Both are well-known & experienced electronic music producers for over a decade. The concept of ‘Vini Vici’ was formed as an attempt by the boys to express their love for the old school sound paired with their progressive ideas. The Psy Kingpins are all set to make their 4-city India Tour and we are here to help you prepare for the best Psy Gig of 2016!

1. Vini Vici & Tristan & Avalon – Colors

This latest collaboration with Tristan & Avalon just dropped & it’s a must listen.

2. Hilight Tribe – Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix)

This track is recently being used as a set opener by the duo.

3. Vini Vici & ID – ID (Mandallah Festival)

This banging ID has been surfacing on Facebook since its first play at Mandallah Festival, Brazil.

4. Vini Vici – Namaste

One of the best solo tracks from the duo.

5. Liquid Soul & Vini Vici – Universe Inside Me

A dream Collaboration between the 2 Psy-Trance legends.

6. Vini Vici & Pixel – Anything & Everything

Vini Vici took the scene by storm with this massive hit Collab with Pixel.

7. Vini Vici & Bryan Kearney – We Are the Creators

With Bryan Kearney’s Tech-Trance vibes, this track delivers a promising drop.

Check out the tour dates below!

India tour


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