10 most addictive trance melodies of all time

trance melodies

They say music connects people. It’s a universal language that brings people together from all around the world. Trance tends to create some of the strongest bonds. It’s only is this very genre that you see the growing concept of a “trancefamily”.

In fact, it has even been termed as a way of life, a lifestyle, or even a cult, if you could say so. Looking at the fact that it has such a strong hold on people and connects so many of us, we list down some of the most commonly loved and addictive trance melodies that are partly responsible for us loving the music. Here are some of the most addictive trance melodies of all time!

1. Energy 52 – Café Del Mar

Speaking of legendary classic tracks that will never grow old. Café Del Mar will always remain an all-time favorite with its catchy repetitive melody. The track has been reworked several times, however, the classic version will continue to stay with us for longer.

2. Three Drives on Vinyl – Greece 2000

This track is so iconic, it gets classified as an anthem by itself. In the late 90’s it surely did set dance-floors on fire with its groovy yet pumped up beat.

3. Robert Miles – Children

We literally fall short of words to describe this magical track. What is astonishing is the fact that most people aren’t aware that the track is a trance track. But play the track anywhere and you will find the crowd turning their heads. Everyone knows of Robert Miles and the legacy of children.

4. Binary Finary – 1998 (Paul Van Dyk Remix)

Binary Finary are some of the best-known trance Duos. As the name says, the track was released in 1998 and it manage to chart on some of the most renowned lists including the UK singles chart. The song was remixed numerous times. It even received a version from the legendary Gouryella. However, the Paul Van Dyk remix is one for the books and it will continue to remain with us.

5. Paul Van Dyk – For an Angel

Originally from his PVD’s ’45 RPM’ album, it was rediscovered, toughened up and re-released as the ‘E-Werk Remix’ during the Gatecrasher-led late-’90s trance boom, becoming a scene-defining hit.

6. Sasha – Xpander

Progressive house was all but dead by 1999. Sasha and Charlie May resurrected the form triumphantly with the stunning surges and tidal melodies of Xpander, named after the analogue synth it was written on.

7. Oceanlab – On a Good Day

Classic Above and Beyond with Justine Suissa and we are sold! Above and Beyond are known for creating some of the melodies that can literally tug at the strings of your heart. This is one of the few tracks that gave the Oceanlab moniker of Above and Beyond their fame. And it is truly one of their most iconic tracks.

8. Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix)

Hailed as one of the best trance tracks of all time, and the above-mentioned remix as 12th best track of all times, Silence by Delerium is one which all trance purists swear by. This track received its due recognition way after its release. It was most identified after it featured on Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise remix.

9. Faithless – Insomnia

“Long build, big drop, big riff.” Faithless executed the blueprint so perfectly on Insomnia that they had to play it twice at every gig. An astonishing cocktail of Buddhist street poetry, piano house, orchestral pop and Euro-trance.

10. Tiesto – Adagio for strings

Barber’s classical Adagio was a deeply serious work. Tiesto, inspired by Ferry Corsten’s 1999 remix, collides brutal beats with lachrymose strings for an anthem which expedited his rise to the world’s biggest DJ.

Now when you are ready to have some blast and listen to the above top trance music, make sure your headset/speakers are adjusted appropriately. Using quality headphones for such kinds of music are musts, if you don’t have one, try using Amazon UK discount codes for deals on branded speakers and headsets.

Which ones are your favourites? Are there any that you feel we missed out on? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments’ section below.

Shivani Murthy


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