Are these the most remarkable locations for DJ gigs?

amazing locations for dj gigs

We, musical enthusiasts, love our music festivals, but, what makes it an amazing event is the vibe of the place it is being held at.

While we have all been a part of different club scenes at least once, there are other mind-blowing locations, that DJ’s are now playing at, to create heightened visual and audio experiences for their listeners.

Let’s take a quick peek at these amazing locations for DJ gigs:

a) Mount Everest Base camp

Paul Oakenfold calls this the ‘highest party on earth’. He played a spectacular gig alongside Nepal’s DJ Ranzen to help raise funds to help the local community after the 2015 terrible earthquake. We can’t wait for another gig in the Everest, because this time, we are definitely going.

b) Great Wall of China

Imagine that you are at the Great Wall of China, early in the morning and you are dancing in a lane full of stones of imperial China. The wall stretches 5,500 miles and Nina Kraviz hit imperial heights by playing at the Great Wall alongside tracks by Shackleton and Addison Groove.

c) Teufelsberg

Berlin has definitely evolved with its music scene. Teufelsberg which is based in West Berlin is built on a man-made hill essentially of rubble and was once an iconic site i.e. it was a listening post for the US. However, now it has hypnotic musical live sets like that from Mathew Johnson.

d) London’s Orbit Tower

This location is special because it provides you with a bird’s eye view of London. The Horse Meat Disco has brought their unique vintage disco vibe alive in the London’s Orbit Tower and has been doing so for 15 years now. If you do decide to visit this Disco, you must be ready to dance till you drop.

e) Sydney Opera House

Sydney promoter Ban Marshall gave techno’s favorite artist Andrew Weatherhall a chance to hold court at Sydney’s Opera House. He took over a space that was designed to reflect the Mayan temples as there is very little that Weatherhall has not done yet when it comes to dance music.

f) Garnizon Modlin

Located in Warsaw, Poland, Garnizon Modlin is a 19th-century fort which is also the fifth largest building in Europe. Instytut was the inaugural festival held in June, which was created to make an impact, by the Poland event organizers. The main acts included of artists like Dax J, Nina Kraviz and Marcel Dettmann. If you are a fan of techno and love European history, Instytut has to be on your bucket list next summer.

g) Rummu Quarry near Tallinn, Estonia

The Moonland Festival in Estonia is definitely pushing boundaries by being held at an abandoned prison. This festival is held in August and is also on UNESCO’s world heritage list. The festival featured artists like Octa Octa, Brouqade Boss, Dana Ruh and many more. The festival’s official statement reads – ‘Moonland as a concept speaks to us as a tribute to the arid landscape created by time and human strife.’ Well if you love immersive experiences, Moonland is definitely the festival to be.

Which is your favourite location from the above list? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments’ section below.

Paridhi Bhatiya


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