Best Breakup Songs To Finally Get Over Your Ex

best breakup songs

A traumatic experience such as going through a breakup is right up there with getting a facial tattoo for painful experiences.

It’s entirely normal to want to hide out under your sheets with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s melting on your nightstand unless you’re in the fortunate camp where everything ended on good terms, and no one was hurt.

When you keep this in mind, listening to motivating and uplifting music might help improve your mood. With the correct music, we can heal our emotional wounds. Anyone going through a breakup right now should listen to some empowering music about moving on.

All of the songs about moving on that are mentioned here will assist you in breaking through all of your post-relationship pain and allow you to feel more empowered. Listen up, heal, and then go move on without all the end-of-relationship craziness.

“I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

Perhaps a little cheesy? Maybe. Effective? Also-freaking-lately. This oldie-but-goodie serves as a potent reminder that no matter how down and out you feel, you’ll get over it eventually. Besides, why not have a good time while you’re at it?

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“We Are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift

Do you know what’s more healthy than an on-and-off-again relationship? A committed partnership that dares to admit that a relationship is gone for good. Only after that will you be able to begin to move on entirely.

“Miss Movin’ On” by Fifth Harmony

For many people, the first few words of this song serve as a guideline for how they’ll conduct themselves for the remainder of the day:
The lyrics are: “I’m breaking down, I’m going to start from scratch. Shake it off like an Etch-A-Sketch. My lips are saying goodbye. My eyes are finally dry.”
Repeat as many times as necessary.

“Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande

Thank you, Ariana, for serving as a lesson that even the most tragic outcomes may make you stronger. Watch the music video for this delightful breakup song for an additional dose of happiness to brighten your day.

“Don’t Hurt Like It Used To” by Grace Carter

This song serves as an excellent reminder that no matter how difficult it is to move on, you deserve better than being mistreated or staying in a bad relationship. And before you know it, it won’t hurt nearly as much as it did before.

“IDGAF” by Dua Lipa

When you listen to this tune, you’ll instantly feel like a badass—even if you aren’t quite there yet.

The following are some examples of lyrics: “I don’t need your love coz I’ve already cried enough. I’m done. I’ve been moving on since we said goodbye,” and so on.
“Don’t Hurt Yourself” by Beyonce

You were probably expecting some Beyoncé to make an appearance, weren’t you? However, not only does this song—and the entire Lemonade album, for that matter—serve as a reminder that everyone experiences heartbreak (including Beyoncé), but when it does, it’s the other person’s loss rather than yours.


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