10 Drum & Bass Mixes/Sets To Keep You Going Through The Quarantine

best drum and bass mixes

Best Drum and Bass Mixes

We are music lovers and on a good day, the only thing on our minds is, ‘’When is the next gig?’’; but at the moment, we are living in difficult times with the Novel Coronavirus that has ravaged the entire planet.

Your job right now is to stay safe at home with your loved ones. One of the things is, of course, is listening to good music; and if you are a fan of Drum & Bass, we have listed 10 of the finest mixes/sets that will set your pulse racing and keep you dancing until we come out of this difficult situation.

1. A.M.C DJ set – UKF On Air

A.M.C is one of the best producers in the Drum & Bass circuit, but he is also a freak behind the decks, and he carries the ability to absolutely destroy dance floors. This set is a perfect example of it.

2. Halogenix DJ Set | Keep Hush Live: Critical Takeover

Since parting ways with Ivy Lab, Halogenix has been on a roll with his solo releases. What we didn’t know is that he is a supremely talented DJ.

3. Rampage 2018 – Andy C feat. MC Tonn Piper

We don’t think there’s a need to describe this. Simply the best Drum & Bass DJ absolutely smashing it at Rampage Festival’s 2018 edition.

4. Friction & Linguistics – Album Launch (DJ Set)

If there is a DJ as good as Andy C, it’s Shogun Audio’s head honcho, Friction.

5. Culture Shock SEQB2B w/ Sub Focus & Metrik

Three of the best producers of dance floor drum & bass teamed up last year to deliver a surreal b2b2b set.

6. S.P.Y @ Hospitality In The Park 2018

The man, the legend, S.P.Y at his absolute best throwing IDs after IDs like he always does.

7. Storm Boiler Room London DJ Set

One of the best to do it, DJ Storm’s influence on the Drum & Bass scene will always be unmatched. Here is the absolute Bosswoman smashing it as usual.

8. Kasra – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Arguably the finest selector out there. Kasra’s set are inspirational and educational. If you are an aspiring DJ, sit back, listen, and learn.

9. Kyrist @ Outlook London Launch

Kyrist is one of the most loved producers in the scene. This set is just a glimpse of the genius selector at work.

10. Camo & Krooked – UKF On Air in the Alps (DJ Set)

Camo & Krooked’s sets are always a big pain for the YouTube track list brigade. This set from the Austrian duo is a different vibe altogether.

We hope that you enjoy this list and keep your raver inside you alive, as we recover from the deadly virus.

Stay home, stay healthy, and stay safe.

We have made a special playlist to help you stay engaged, and stay at home during this lockdown, you can stream it here.

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