The BEST 10 Hydration Packs For Raves

best hydration packs for raves

Hydration is omnipotent as a raver. Walking all day, and dancing all night is a given for any festival weekend.

This is why a good rave hydration pack or festival camelbak is a pre-requisite for every event.

The others who don’t consider a hydration pack for raves as a necessity most likely have not experienced a multi-day event. The possibility also exists that they just don’t mind running the risk of dehydration. Nonetheless, these are both not good mindsets for partying all weekend.

Maybe you’d rather be carrying some beer or a mixed cocktail. You can also put this in your rave backpack, so that excuse is not valid. Additionally, you can store a ton of needed items in your hydration pack. From wipes, to sunglasses, having a reliable and safe spot for your goods should be a priority.

Now that we have stressed to you the importance of a reliable festival hydropack, we want to give you the low-down on which ones are good, and which ones are lackluster. Some may be inexpensive, but they do not provide any good features, and they will break relatively fast. Some will last a couple weekends, and some could last years.

For example, we are observing many backpacks be marketed as anti-theft. This is a feature you may not have heard of, but certainly want to consider with the increase of pickpockets at raves. Some even come included with these awesome lights to literally make your hydration pack rave or even some like KUYOU Hydration Backpack with 2L Hydration Bladder.

best hydration packs for raves

So, how do you know the best rave hydration pack that suits your needs? Let’s get this party started and breakdown our top 10 picks for rave hydration packs.

Top 10 Hydration Packs for Raves
Now let’s break down the best festival and rave hydropacks that are available on the market as of now.

1. GenZ’s RaveRunner Anti-Theft Festival Hydration Pack Rave

best hydration packs for raves

Product Features:

1. Anti-theft
2. Hidden Pockets
3. Inverted zipper
4. 2 Liter bladder
5. Shoulder strap chest pockets
6. Underglow
7. Light String Wire attachment
8. Solar Panel Charing attachment
9. Made of Ripstop Nylon
10. Fits all festival dimension requirements

Product Description:

There is no comparison to the RaveRunner, with all the features packed into a $79 price point, it is hard to beat. This was the first anti-theft hydration pack. This means there are features built in to deter pickpockets. Those features include chest pockets to place your phone and inverted zippers.

This means the zippers are literally at your back. No, it is not uncomfortable, and it requires you to take the backpack off to access the main compartment.
One other thing we can see highlighted on GenZ Outdoors website are the array of hidden pockets. There is one on the back panel that looks like the perfect spot to put a phone or wallet. Additionally, there is a tiny hidden pocket for a car key to be stashed. This gives you piece of mind knowing that even if someone stole your bag and quickly rummaged through it, they would have a hard time finding some items.

We mentioned them before, but the chest pockets were CLUTCH. We were able to put on phone in an area that we could quickly access it, but we knew where it was at all times.

The light up features were a great benefit as well. GenZ added loops to thread light string wire of your color choice to make your rave hydropack stand out in the crowd. Additionally, there is this accessory called underglow. This feature lights up the ground area you where you walk. I would highly recommend using this as it stops you from losing your friends in the crowd.

To put a cherry on top, you could add a solar panel charger to the top of your RaveRuuner so that it is charging all day in the sun. This way, when your phone dies at the end of the night, you will be able to call an uber home.

2. GenZ RaveRunner X/ Rig Ultra Chest Hydration Pack

best hydration packs for raves

Product Features:

1. Main compartment with a 17oz soft flask.
2. Lightweight and minimalist
3. Side pockets for vape, keys, etc.
4. 4-way adjustable straps
5. Fid-lock strap for easy mounting
6. Made of anti-chafe nylon material

Product Description

Some people will complain about not wanting to carry around a giant backpack all day. We can understand that, but we invite you to look at this small chest pack which may be the best solution for you. This rave back is small but can still carry around PLENTY of products for your weekend adventure.

This rave chest pack is perfect for someone who wants to stay cool and light. This pack gives you the option to pout your phone in the front pocket to prevent someone from snacking it out of your shorts pocket. The perfect solution for the simple raver.

3. Simple Rave Camelbak

best hydration packs for raves

Product Features

1. Easy to use
2. One main pocket

Product Description:

This pack is great for someone that does not need to carry around a bunch and they don’t plan on carrying around a ton of water to share with a group. The design is very minimalists (as you may be able to see)

However, this backpack is very outdated. You are not going to get any cool bells and whistles that you could get with other backpacks. In the contrary, you also won’t be paying much for this pack. So, if you don’t need to spend $60+ on a backpack, this bag is for you.

4. GenZ RaveRunner Clear Hydration Pack

best hydration packs for raves

Product Features:

1. Clear PVC material (Many venues are requiring this)
2. Anti-theft
3. Hidden Pockets
4. Inverted zipper
5. 2 Liter bladder
6. Shoulder strap chest pockets
7. Underglow
8. Light String Wire attachment
9. Solar Panel Charing attachment
10. Made of Ripstop Nylon

Product Description:

You may come across a few festivals this year that require a clear or see-through backpack to gain entrance. While we cannot tell you why venues are requiring this, we can tell you that GenZ made clear camelback backpack version of their RaveRunner anti-theft rave hydropack.

This rave bag is 100% guaranteed to let you into events that require the bag to be clear. So, if you know that you may attend an event with this rule, and you also want an anti-theft bag, this festival hydration pack is perfect for you.

5. Vibedration 2 Liter Rave Backpack

best hydration packs for raves

Product Feature:

1. Nice colors
2. Reflective
3. Large interior
4. Fits all festival Dimensions

Product Description:

Vibedration has been around for a while and has been a major player in the game. Unfortunately, they have bee falling down our list as they are not incorporating the latest needed features for raves.

This pack has a big interior and there is a cool flap to hold the hydration bladder in place without it flying everywhere. Additionally, there is an exterior pocket to place other items. This pocket is not anti-theft and you must be careful of what you place in there.

There bags have been the same since they launched them and there has been no change in quality.

While this pack will always be a trusty-steed of rave bags. I wouldn’t recommend it above some others on this list.

6. Mothybot 2 Liter hydration Pack

best hydration packs for raves

Product Features:

• Cheap
• On amazon
• 2 Liters

Product Description:

This hydration pack will do the job is you don’t rave too much. Reading the reviews it looks like this will break fairly easy and you may be left with a very wet backpack.

This bag also comes with a ton of pockets which would be ideal for anyone going on a weekend long hiking adventure.

7. Rave Ape Hydration Pack

best hydration packs for raves

Product Features:

• 2 liter water capacity
• Splash-proof gear
• Key and phone holder
• Reflector
• UV protection
• Adjustable straps – shoulder, chest and waist
• BPA free bladder

Product Description:

Unigear festival hydration pack is coming be far behind not because it doesn’t deserve a better spot. When you need an innovative backpack it is the Unigear. It is arguably the best low-budget hydration backpack.

It’s an exciting option for hiking, running, climbing, cycling, biking and camping.

With a 2 liter capacity, you can go the long haul without dehydration. The back fabric provides comfort to reduce the pressure on your back. It has a splash proof feature to keep water away. The front zipper keeps your phone safe and within reach. That’s something to celebrate.

8. Camelback Mule Backpack

best hydration packs for raves

Product Features:

1. Very Large
2. 3 liter capacity
3. Lightweight
4. Easy weight distribution
5. Convenient

Product Description:

This hydration pack is very large, and you will be able to carry your gear and maybe the rest of your group’s items.

We personally used this when we first started going to festivals and we were very happy with the functionally. Unfortunately, most festivals are no longer allowing bags this size into events. Therefore, we have put it so far down our list of what we like.

9. Orange Mud Hydration Pack

best hydration packs for raves

Product Features:

1. Made for running, very comfortable
2. Different size options
3. Nice material

Orange mud is made for runners and athletes but this pack pairs perfectly for raves and festivals. The material is anti-chafe and you’ll be happy that you wore this pack if you tend to show off a lot of skin at festivals.

Additionally, it looks small, but you are easily able to cramp a ton of stuff into the pack. If you are someone who brings a lot of rave goodies, this pack is for you.

The clips and other parts of this bag are also very well put together. We have not experienced of heard of a hydration pack with such durability of this pack.

10. Mubasel Hydration Pack

best hydration packs for raves

Product features:

1. 2 liter capacity
2. Compact backpack
3. BPA free bladder
4. Keeps water cool for up to four hours

Product Description:

This product is durable and fits the description of a good rave hydration pack. We must note that we put it far down the list because there are many bad reviews of the product. Not many people are excited about the quality of it.

So, after reading our list, what do you think? What features do you factor in when choosing a hydration pack? Is it space? Durability? Style? I am sure we made you slightly paranoid about theft. No need to worry, there RaveRunner has you back on that, literally.

The GenZ’s RaveRunner Anti-Theft Festival Hydration backpack is our top pick, and we are sure you understand why now. The RaveRunner offers all the protection and comfort you need on the go.

Whatever hydration pack rave you end up picking, be sure to get one that fits your needs and style. There are plenty of options available, just make sure that you equip yourself with the product you need for your next festival.


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