10 Best Songs To Learn English

best songs to learn english

English is an international language. It is a must-learn language. Nowadays learning English is much easier.

You can learn it even by listening to songs. Now you will think of which songs you will need to listen to learn English.

So we did our research and found the 10 best songs to learn English. Read down below to know more about it in detail.

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Songs to Learn English For kids

First of all, let me talk about some of the songs which will help your kids to learn English.

1. I am a little Teapot

It is a really nice song for kids to learn English. It is very simple. It has a catchy tune and a total of 23 unique words.

2. Itsy Bitsy Spider

It is a nursery rhyme. This song is a good choice to increase vocabulary. It has 19 unique words. All of the words are related to nature and valuable in everyday life. A very simple song.

3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

This is the simplest song among all of them. Row, row, row your boat is an excellent choice for beginners. Repeating the same line, again and again, is very useful because it contains lots of R’s and L’s. For many ESL students, it is hard to pronounce.

4. London Bridge is Falling Down

This song contains very simple words which contain 8 unique words in the first verse. It is the most famous verse. After getting comfortable with it, you can also go for less-known verses to add additional vocabulary.

Songs to Learn English at Intermediate Level

If you already have the basic knowledge of learning English, then this list is for you. Here you will get to see more advanced English. These are actually B1-B2 level learners.

5. Happy by Pharrell Williams

It is a great and amazing song for intermediate-level English students. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams is a very simple song. It has also got an optimistic theme which makes us want to listen to it again and again.

6. Do You Love Me by The Contours

This is an easy-to-understand song. Its classing Motown beat makes you want to feel like dancing. Students have a great time singing along with it. “Do You Love Me” by the Contours consists of 77 unique words.

7. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

This song was released by The Beatles in 1969. This song held up so well because of its simplicity and beauty which allows it to hit straight to the heart. Here Comes The Sun By The Beatles is a great choice for ESL students. It has only 36 words.

Songs to Learn English For Advanced Level

Now we will talk about some songs which are for more advanced English learners. It is mainly for C1 and C2 level students. You can also be able to learn grammar concepts. These songs have slang and a varied vocabulary than those we have already talked about.

8. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

This is a very simple song. But we highly recommend it to more advanced level students rather than intermediate English language students. It has so much slang. This song is a nice choice for ESL students to familiarize themselves with common daily life used vocabulary.

9. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

This was one of the most successful songs back in 2010. It is a very catchy song. You will not be able to get it out of your mind for a second. It is a perfect choice for those who are studying the Past tense. It helps so much to improve English Grammar.

10. Lego House by Ed Sheeran

This song consists of unique vocabulary and phrases. This is a very beautiful song. This song is very useful for ESL learners.


I hope from this article you have gained an idea of which songs you should go for. These songs have a large variety of new vocabulary words and essential grammar concepts. These songs will improve your English. But these songs are not enough to learn English properly. To learn English more effectively, you must have an English tutor. And the best place to find your desired tutors is AmazingTalker. Their 1 on 1 service is very effective in this language learning sector.


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