The Best Songwriting Books To Read In 2021

best songwriting books 2021

When you decide to dive into the world of songwriting, you are most likely going to experience some hardships. After all, this is a craft, as all writing is. But when it comes to other forms of writing such as four main literary genres, you can find help from various services.

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But when it’s about writing the lyrics for a song… well, here you have fewer options. Still, we came here to show you some valuable resources that you can browse through to find much-needed guidance in this field.

After all, songwriting is pretty much a skill that can always be improved and enhanced. For example, you can enhance your essay writing skills by finding out tips on how to write an interpretive essay. Here we are going to show you resources that introduce you to the “how-to” of songwriting.

best songwriting books to read in 2021

Jack Perricone’s “Melody in Songwriting: Tools and Techniques for Writing Hit Songs”

This is quite an essential guide. It puts a lot of emphasis on how to achieve melody when you are writing lyrics. Whereas many times melody is left out when you are taught music, here you’ll find a lot of emphases put on it. It’s definitely an element worth exploring for it truly boosts your songwriting skills.

In the book, you will find techniques and tools to engage in creating interesting melodies. You’d be taught how the rhythm influences the rhyme. You’ll find parts that discuss how the harmony can progress, as well as how it’s related to the melody of the lyrics.

Jimmy Kachulis’ “The Songwriter’s Workshop: Melody”

The writer wanted to give all songwriters the daily training that instrumentalists embark on. After all, the latter practice daily. So, he presents numerous exercises that offer writers skills to be practiced daily. Here you will find prompts, as well as selected assignments that allow you to get a good grasp of the techniques provided. Usually, you’d also find a CD included (depends on the version) where there is audio material to aid you. A hands-on approach that accelerates your career with the valuable tools it provides.

best songwriting books to read in 2021

Jimmy Kachulis’ “The Songwriter’s Workshop: Harmony”

As you are probably aware, being aware of how one can write harmonically is a huge benefit in writing melodically. Here you’d find numerous topics. For example, you are going to learn the chords’ colors, as well as those of the keys. Then you’d find chord embellishments and progressions, too.

You are also going to find ways to enhance your work on the harmonies and progressions. You shall see the common chord progressions that find their spot at the hits. This is just the beginning, though. You are going to see many important aspects of harmony in songwriting.

Pat Pattison’s “Writing Better Lyrics (2nd Edition)”

This writer sets you on a journey into crafting amazing lyrics and here you’d see a bit of academic language and topics. Still, it’s an effective handbook for your quest to write the hit song you’ve dreamt about. It aids you in coming up with more ideas. But you’ll also understand how to fine-tune the lyrics. Especially helpful for all the songwriters you are looking for their next great idea.
Molly-Ann Leiken’s “How to Be a Hit Songwriter: Polishing and Marketing Your Lyrics and Music”

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s targeted at advanced songwriters. Even being a beginner, you can take advantage of the material that’s given here. It’s quite a good handbook for you to understand and practice your craft better.

best songwriting books to read in 2021

Jimmy Web’s “Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting”

An entertaining and educational book. The writer divides the process into steps. He even mentions how to deal with your writer’s block. But he also talks about chords and song construction. The book even has some valuable info on self-promoting your work. It also includes meditation and anecdotes to make your journey even smoother.

Wayne Chase’s “How Music Really Works: The Essential Handbook for Songwriters, Performers, and Music Students”

Wayne Chase believes you need to be good at reading the music if you wish to write it. A high-level handbook aimed at understanding the ins and outs of the music craft. You’d get to know how to grab your listener’s attention and target your lyrics to their emotions. It delivers valuable information on every aspect of music making and of the “know-how” of lyrics writing.

best songwriting books to read in 2021


So far, we have covered valuable top-notch books that can serve as a precious guide in the world of music and songwriting. As a songwriter, you’d find plenty of obstacles to overcome.

But we are sure you can handle all of that and emerge victoriously. So, we provided you with some guidance on which books can provide great aid in this process.

Every book that we’ve mentioned is an irreplaceable piece of writing that can teach you so many things about the fascinating world of music. In them, you’d find tips, tools, advice, and many more important elements that will boost your career and allow it to grow faster and smoother than before.

Read the selected books carefully, make concise notes to have everything well organized for when you need it. We recommend that then you go back and re-read the material to make sure you haven’t left out anything that can help you in your journey towards


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