Best Trance record labels of 2018

Best Trance record labels

2018 has been a very unique year for trance on the whole. Well, we can’t say it has been absolutely great as compared to 2017, but yes, it also saw some brilliant releases and led to the discovery of a lot more new trance acts.

One of the main standing reasons that help an artist grow and get recognised are record labels. They not only act as a medium for an artist to release their music and get exposure, but also are equally beneficial to fans and music enthusiasts out there who are looking to discover new music. We list down 10 labels that have been absolutely instrumental in the trance scene to have propagated the music and churned out quality music over this year. Read on, widen your horizons and discover!


Responsible for some of contemporary dance music’s most loved releases and a with a roster of talent that spans Billboard-charting headliners through to tastemaker-tipped underground gems, Enhanced’s global reputation is of a label that delivers tune after tune. Studded by names such as Tritonal, Steve Brian, Disco Fries and a lot more, this label has belted out some beautiful albums and singles throughout the span of the year.


The pet project of the one and only Andy Moor, Ava records has been the outlet to some of the best tracks we have heard this season. From Somna to Eximinds to Davey Asprey and who not releasing on this reputed label, it has acted as a stepping stone to many budding producers and DJs as well.


The label that has given the world names such as Ilan Bluestone, Jason Ross, and so many more that have shaped the way the world listens to and consumes trance on the whole. Every release on this label has been carefully handpicked and scrutinized so much, one knows for sure that when an artist is releasing on Anjunabeats, it surely lives up to the Anjuna reputation.

A State Of Trance

What is left to say about this record label? This label is single-handedly responsible for making trance reach out to the masses. Headed by the one and only Armin Van Buuren, this label is the first one any new entrant into the scene goes to, to discover trance on the whole. Having a solid mix of different styles of trance, the label has a lot to offer, but mostly delves into the most widely known form of the genre. New to it and want to discover some great music? ASOT is your one-stop destination.


What started off as a joke in the A State of Trance radio show eventually grew on to become a label and a stage by itself. Catering to all the hard trance lovers who usually prefer their music over 138BPM and like to dance like there is no tomorrow, this label only releases music that is ideally 138BPM and above, Swinging in between tech trance, psy and hard, this label is your go-to zone if you want to keep headbanging and jumping to the music.

Silk Music

Known for delivering some of the most ambient and emotive music, Silk music is one of the most versatile labels that has released so much unique music, yet have managed to keep it absolutely pure to the genre.


Helmed by Ferry Corsten, this label is your top stop for melodic and uplifting trance. Belting out quality with every release and housing some of the best talents such as Dimension and many more. Being in the business for over 15 years and running the scene, this label is one that knows their music very well!

In Trance We Trust

Spearheaded by Menno De Jong, this label completed 20 years in the running last year. An imprint of Blackhole recordings, this label follows the policy of “Captivate and Celebrate” and it successfully manages to do the same. Having artists such as David Forbes, Paul Oakenfold and many more on their roster, this label rules the roost when it comes to pure trance.


The name itself speaks volumes. Anyone who loves trance definitely knows of Bryan Kearney. Known for his unique style where he embraces melodic, uplifting, tech trance and techno and incorporating it into his sounds, his label essentially captures this essence of his music and serves as an outlet to music that follows a similar style.


Housing the seven powerhouses of the scene, this label is an independent one created by seven artists who use it as an outlet to release their music. Unique, hard and with brash beats, this label is one that gives you music in it’s rawest and most cutting-edge form possible. Developing a huge and dedicated fan base in a short span of 2 years, this label grew so big, it managed to get its own stage at Tomorrowland. That in itself speaks volumes about the label. Do go and check it out!

These are our picks for this year. Which of these were your go-to labels for trance this year? Who else should we have included in this list? Do let us know in the comments section!

Shivani Murthy



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