Best Upcoming Music Festivals of 2022

music festivals 2022

Music festivals are moments to have fun, enjoy the entertainment and appreciate quality music.

At the same time, they help foster community pride and strengthen relationships. In 2022, there are several upcoming music festivals that one can look forward to. This article will focus on a few interesting music festivals which are scheduled for 2022.


Since its inception in 2005, Tomorrowland has remained one of the major music festivals for dance lovers. Tomorrowland’s music festival takes place annually and is considered one of the best. So, 2022, has a great deal of good music in store for us. The festival will take place in Belgium and the line-up will be announced between 29th to 31st July 2022.

Mad Cool Festival

Are you are a fan of Spanish rock, indie, and pop? If so, you will surely enjoy The Mad Cool Festival. The sunny capital of Madrid is the centre of all attention when it comes to this festival. The Mad Cool Festival will celebrate its fifth anniversary in 2022, and they have prepared the best for us. Scheduled to take place in Madrid, Spain, in 2022, The Mad Cool Festival will feature international superstars. What’s even more exciting, you can appreciate this music while playing some of your favourite games at

Afro Nation

Lovers of afrobeat, hip-hop, dancehall and R&B really appreciate the Afro Nation Festival. As every Summer in Portimão Portugal, Afro Nation is one of the most exciting music festivals. Portugal will host the Afro Nation urban music festival in 2022 and will feature various superstars that promise to create an absolutely unrivalled atmosphere.


As we have seen, 2022 has a great deal of upcoming music festivals to suit everyone. Depending on which festival intrigues you, be wise to choose between Tomorrowland, Mad Cool Festival and Afro Nation. Better still, you could attend all of them.


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