Above & Beyond’s deep relationship with India


Above & Beyond have mesmerized us for years. The trio is one of the most accomplished acts, the dance music community has ever seen.

Artist Of The Month For March 2017 – Above & Beyond

There are DJs who can smash the dance-floor with great selections and there are acts that can move you with their music. Above & Beyond can do both. They have released three studio albums, two remix albums, one side-project album. As artists they have sold a million records; all snapped up by a devoted worldwide fan-base that has happily, passionately followed the London-based electronic trio since their formation in 2000.

Above & Beyond own two labels, Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep. The labels are among the most respected imprints in the global dance music scene and have released some 23 albums and compilations in the last 12 years. They were the first British DJs to headline a show at the legendary Madison Square Garden. In the UK, they’ve sold out London’s Alexandra Palace. In the US, prior to Madison Square Garden, they’d sold out The Hollywood Palladium more quickly than any act in history. Their radio show, now operating under the name Group Therapy, has broadcast over 500 episodes since 2004 and reaches 30 million listeners in 35 countries – every week.

Now that we have given you a good introduction, let’s get to the point; Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep. Get the drift? Above & Beyond’s labels are named behind Anjuna, Goa. Above & Beyond have always had a deep relationship with India. They have done numerous shows in India and the fans have reciprocated in the same manner.

From doing solo shows to headlining festivals to supporting and nurturing Indian acts, they have had a part in all. After celebrating several milestones with TATW (Trance Around The World) in Moscow, Miami and Beirut, 2012 saw Above & Beyond call time on Trance Around The World, as they launched their new radio show Group Therapy at a spectacular live broadcast event at Jayamahal Palace in Bangalore, India. Again? Of all the greatest venues and destinations in the world, Above & Beyond chose us!


“Some time ago we realised that on the best nights we have it’s always a three way thing: us, the music and the people, and we see improving the communication between all three as helping a good party turn incredible“ explains Paavo. “The soundsystem, Lights and visuals are all there to help people connect to the music, with each other and with us, better. A Group Therapy experience, ideally, is positive, uniting and life-affirming for all involved.”

The event was a massive hit and again it explained the love they hold for India.


The first edition of Vh1 Supersonic was put together in 21 days by Nikhil Chinapa and it managed to pull off Above & Beyond as one of the headlining acts. It does not explain the bigger picture as the fans see it. For an act like Above & Beyond to come and headline a show after being booked in a very short space of time certainly means a lot for the fans. Above & Beyond fans in the country have religiously followed them and the trio have given them the love they deserve.


The love was further extended with the Anjunadeep takeover for the second edition of Satellite Beachsidewhich took place at Ozran Beach, Vagator. The lineup featured Ash Roy, Nikhil Chinapa, Pearl, Browncoat, Praveen Achary, Tuhin Mehta, Murthovic and Arjun Vagale. Submerge managed to pull off a 12-hour Anjunadeep session featuring Jody Wisternoff, YOTTO, Eli & Fur and Dom Donnelly. For all those not familiar with ABGT or Anjunadeep, the members of this lineup are regular guests at ABGT and are featured prominently in the Anjunadeep podcasts. Where better for Anjunadeep to find a home in India than Goa, by the water, on a cliff-side overlooking the beach, a beach away from the origin of trance and the well acclaimed trio we all know of.

De La Soul weren’t wrong. Three really is the magic number: and in Above & Beyond’s case the magic is spreading faster than ever before in the country.

Above & Beyond are all set for yet another India tour and what makes it special is the occasion of holi accompanying the tour certainly gives the tour a delicious prospect. Don’t sleep on this one because no one teaches about love better than Above & Beyond.

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