10 tracks that we want Charlotte De Witte to play during her gig at Amsterdam Centraal Station

charlotte de witte centraal station

Charlotte De Witte, what can we say about this adroit Belgian DJ? From taking the Tomorrowland mainstage by storm to rocking some of the most underground and obscure clubs across Europe, she has done it all! Her meteoric rise over the past few years have put her on the map and she has managed to leave an imprint of the minds of techno fans all around the world. Before her performance at Centraal Station, in collaboration with Audio Obscura, we list down 10 tracks that we would love to hear her play there!

1) Charlotte De Witte – Kuda

2) Charlotte De Witte – Remember

3) Charlotte De Witte – Den Ganzen Abden

4) Charlotte De Witte – My Feeling (Coyu Remix)

5) Charlotte De Witte – Sehnsucht

6) Charlotte De Witte – Varpulis

7) Charlotte De Witte – When the going gets rough (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)

8) Regal – L’eternite (Charlotte De Witte Remix)

9) Charlotte De Witte – The Healer

10) Charlotte De Witte – Look Around You

Charlotte De Witte plays at Amsterdam Centraal Station on the 19th of October. Which ones would you like to hear at the event? Join the event here.

Shivani Murthy


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