‪#‎CoronaSunsets‬ Goa – The perfect playlist for you to enjoy!


The grand finale of ‪#‎CoronaSunsets‬ will be taking place at the Marbela Beach Goa on 26th December.‬

One of the Global music festival series, Corona Sunsets, made its’ debut in India this year for which, it collaborated with Submerge, one of the largest dance music promoters in India.

Corona Sunsets is created to provide a festival experience that inspires people around the world, to unplug, unite and celebrate the energy and spirit of the sunset.

In its’ debut year in India, the festival succeeded as a close knit dance music affair, bringing together a community of like-minded people seeking the same thing – an escape, a chance to unplug, a shared experience worth celebrating.

Small-scale and laid back, Corona SunSets brought renowned electronic music innovators to multi-city festival travelling across Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata and finally scheduled to arrive in Goa for a grand closure.

Fans who were able to experience any one of those events would also have experienced the magic of a sunset, brought to life by Corona. The artists, tracks and the production was made in a way to ensure revelers experience the right vibe during the gigs where they can detach from their busy lives and relax to the good chill music.

Leading upto the grand finale at Marbela Beach Goa on 26th December, we have compiled a playlist to encapture the vibe that you are likely to experience at the event. What’s more is that all these tracks are by artists you have played at one of those events this year and hence, are perfect to deliver the ‘Sunset’ vibe which you can expect from Corona. If you are lucky, expect some of these tracks to be played at the last stop for #CoronaSunsets!

Also, say hello to numerous and beloved homegrown artists!

‪Yousef And The Angel – Float Away‬‬‬‬

‪Iry, Moog Conspiracy – Affair (Ash Roy Remix)‬‬‬‬

Blitzkrieg – Quiet riot(Shift Remix)

Sam Paganini – sunflower

Color Ray – Thought is everything

Fur Coat – there’s no time

Hollen – collision

Darlyn Vlys – loco channel

Midnight Traffic – solar

Riki Innocente – in the light

Calm Chor – LFO love

Quistek – tabla

Marco Bailey – ‪Caliente‬‬‬‬

Autograf – Dream

Arjun Vagale – Clot

Joshi – Kiss and Tell

Nosh and SJ – prodigious

Tell us which track is perfect to enjoy and chill along with a cold Corona! 😉

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