Crossing Bridges – Meet Musician And Altruist Jay Slay

jay slay

The dance music industry is widely varied and a diverse pool of uber talented artists in a broad spectrum across the globe.

There are specialist artists while also those that are multi-faceted in terms of scope of talent and performance.

Jay Slay is one such artist in the multi-faceted space being a credentialed musician and a classically trained pianist with many years of experience working as a collaborative musician.

Being a producer in the house music space, Jay has, over the years, delivered a wide array of hits, with a discography that spans 7 years of work. Some of his biggest hits have been recognised in the form of 3 Beatport Staff Picks, 1 featured track and multiple top 10 genre chartings.

Previously producing under the moniker ‘J-Hamz’, Jay Slay has been no stranger to radio having had his music play on multiple radio stations streaming the best of dance music.

In addition thereto, Jay has also featured in various news publications, including a front cover on the Edmonton Journal. His smash hit All Night Long has been creating the right kind of buzz in the scene and Jay looks in no mood to stop anytime soon.

Music apart, another feather in Jay’s cap is his experience as a licensed and practicing medical doctor with 5 years specialty training in psychiatry. Jay works towards a special cause close to him, being musicial mental health and the nuances pursuant thereto.

His occasional speaking engagements include contributing medical information to musicians/artists, including the work towards the touring manual being put together by the Music Industry Therapists Collective and funded by Live Nation.

Jay has also led an “Emergency Divergency” crisis de-escalation workshop at the University of Calgary School of Medicine’s Mass Gathering Medicine symposium in 2021 and facilitated the “Pandemic Panic Panel” at the 2020 Virtual Electronic Music Summit.

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