Dance Music and Bingo: An Unlikely Marriage

dance music and bingo

Somethings in life just work together, even if it feels like they shouldn’t.

Like pineapple on pizza, cats and dogs, or strawberries and cheese (that may be a stretch). The point sticks: sometimes it takes an unlikely marriage to manifest into something beautiful. Take a mental journey and imagine the best night out you’ve ever had; it probably didn’t involve dance music and bingo working in unison. However, it is a craze that is becoming ever more popular, with wild nights hosted in a plethora of cities. Here’s who is making these nights more prevalent.

Home Bingo Rave

The glorious thing about the bingo rave anomaly is that it’s something you can bring home. Dance music is one of the most inclusive genres out there and has its beginnings in raves, but what is better in bringing all your friends together than a house party? The best way to spice that up is by throwing your own bingo rave; all you need is a lot of glitter, maybe some confetti, some crazy spot prizes, speakers, and some internet access. Everything these days is online, and this is no exception. Online bingo games shouldn’t be a problem to find, and there’s variety too. You can stick to traditional bingo games, you can expand the fun with some themed bingo rooms or, with online bingo slots at Betfair, you could try a blend of much-loved casino games with traditional bingo. Then, there are plenty of DJ sets online you can stream from Youtube, like a Marshmello set from Tomorrowland or a Peggy Gou Boiler Room. All you need then is your friends, and to have a good time!

Bongo’s Bingo

Bongo’s bingo had humble beginnings in Liverpool but has known broadened into cities all over the world. They host events across the UK, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Paris, Dubai, and Australia. The idea came in turning the concept of regular bingo on its head and making it one of the most energized events out there, with spot prizes, impromptu raves, dance-offs, drinks, and crazy winnings! The event is hosted by Jonny Bongo himself and has gained a phenomenal following, with some notoriety.

Bingo Loco

Bingo Loco began as a student set-up in Dublin, Ireland, before taking over the globe. They combined non-stop party anthems with lip-sync battles, confetti cannons, dancers, glitters, and, of course, bingo. The prizes are always bizarre, and they always seem to pride themselves on having the most audacious night imaginable. Having built itself from the ground up with a simple concept, it’s impressive to see the event host shows in Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Ireland, UAE, UK, and the USA. They have a full DJ set-up banging out the best of electronic dance music, and make sure the night is bopping until somebody shouts, “BINGO!”


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