Digitally Imported: Your Access to the Hottest Electronic Music


As Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and others battle head to head for the title of “best music streaming service,” a recently developed app secretly takes the lead as the number one source for house, trance, and any other electronic related music.

This summer, Digitally Imported was introduced as the newest competitor in the internet radio and music streaming industry, and with the massive global EDM fan base, the app is making a sizeable dent in market shares of the existing services, particularly Spotify and Pandora.

Although Digitally Imported already established itself as a pioneer in internet radio and a frontrunner in online electronic music broadcasting, penetrating the music streaming industry was a necessary move given the consumer obsession to digitize everything. According to a report titled An Evolution in Gambling, released by the managers of Pocketfruity, the likelihood of accessing entertainment via a smartphone is three times higher than a PC desktop nowadays, so it was only a matter of time before Digitally Imported launched their own mobile app.

Specializing in exclusive and first-to-air content, millions of listeners are now tuning into this premier streaming service. With more than 40,000 tracks across 80 or so channels, smartphone users have everything they could possibly look for in a strictly electronic music radio app. All songs have been curated from experts and enthusiasts from all over the globe, guaranteeing the quality and substance of the tunes provided by this service. Digitally Imported offers the widest selection and diversity in digital music, and with time, the company hopes to add more channels and expand to international markets, since it’s only available for users in the U.S, as told by The Next Web.

Features of the iOS app include a helpful Sleep Timer that prevents further data charges, filtered searches, music purchasing options, and premium subscriptions for full access to the channels. Currently, they’re working on a playlist creation feature that will be both customizable and shareable.

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