Do Canada And UK Casinos Have The Same Bonuses?

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As the world moves fast towards making almost everything online-oriented, casinos have also bought into the trend. The reason is the ease at which gambling online provides.

Another reason is the benefits attached to online gambling not commonly offered in the brick and mortar option. All over The UK and Canada, online gambling is the next best thing offering everything the physical houses can offer and more.

With Casino games in these countries, many things are significant factors for bettors. In response to the battle of retaining clients, larger online casino gambling platforms in the UK and Canada have brought many promotions that can easily arouse the interest of betters in investing more with their casinos.

One such option in the latter country is the deposit bonus casino Canada. What about no deposit casino bonus Canada can offer their new players?

There are many more options, but the question stands, does Canada and the UK have the same bonuses? What about no deposit casino bonus Canada can offer their new players?

Canadian Online Gambling

Online gambling in Canada has evolved over the years to become a big business with whooping sales to the tune of billions yearly. This success is tied to innovations in technology. Today, Canada has grown stature to be one of the leading figures, thus offering online legal platforms.

Types of bonuses offered on Canadian online casino sites

Sign Up/Welcome Bonus: the bonus is mainly for first-time bettors, and it is based on a one-time offer with a deposit match.

100% Match Bonus: in this online game, bettors get double money. That is because the online game matches the exact deposit amount 100%.

200% Bonus: This bonus gets bettors you 200% on their deposit.

500% Bonus: gives five times the deposit in bonus money. However, it is not common because of the high wagering involved.

Free Spins: this offer comes with getting several free spins to use while playing an online game that the casino specifies. It could apply to a player’s account as a bonus with wagering requirements being attached appropriately or as cash.

No Deposit Bonuses: no deposit is involved in this; the casino gives bonus money to use. Bettors will have to use their wagers through the money for withdrawal. In some cases, some casinos do not allow players to withdraw the bonus or any other attached offer.

Cashback Bonus: In this, casinos refund any loss incurred during the playing of their games. It is a kind of free trial, and they also refund in cash.

Bonus Code Offers: Bettors activate it through a code. Some are general codes, while individuals can use some. Others include liver Casino Bonus, Mobile Casino Bonus, Low Wagering Bonus, and lots more.

UK online gambling

The UK is one of the places that favour online gambling to some extent, and the UK Gambling Commission legally backs it under the auspices. The Gambling Act of 2005. This body is empowered to regulate the UK gambling industry. In the UK, the age for gambling is 18 and above.

Types of bonuses offered on UK online casino sites

UK online casinos have many bonus packages. They are;

1.Welcome Bonus: This is the most common for new players, which comes in 100% match up to a certain amount. An example of such is seen in SlotMillion, whereby the casino offers 100% match. There are different levels in welcome bonuses. These range from 50% to 500% in instances. However, the most familiar one is 100% or 200%.

2.No Deposit Bonus: Players enjoy rewards bonuses without depositing any amount before playing. This method is used to woo new players by some casinos, and there is no risk attached. However, players need to take note of restrictions attached to no deposit bonuses because some casinos add high wagering or other strict restrictions to reduce attacks from their players. Because of this, players might need to deposit certain funds before being able to withdraw their rewards.

3.Monthly/Deposit Bonus: this is also called the reload bonuses, deposit bonuses or loyalty bonuses. The bonus can be earned monthly.

4.Payment Method Bonus: In this method, online casinos give an excellent range of banking methods for bettors to withdraw their funds. This serves as an encouragement to players online. Although, the types of bonuses in this are rare.

5.High Roller Casino Bonuses: Players under this method deposit more and play more. Among the offers include getting tickets to sporting events, a 100% welcoming bonus, and lots more. However, it has specific terms and conditions.

6.Refer a Friend Casino Bonus: It involves referring to a friend before getting a bonus. However, it is no longer common.

7.Free Spins: This is one of the growing bonus trends in online casinos. Among the most common ones are free spins, bonus spins, extra spins, welcome spins, and lots more. They mostly come with wagering requirements that are offered to new players.

Similarities in bonuses offered in Canadian and UK online casino sites

There are levels of similarities that exist between the two online gambling. For instance, the name of the casino’s bonuses has similarities.

The 100% bonuses exist in both the UK and Canada. Moreover, investors enjoy the same cover per betting under the legalized laws within the confines of online betting. Also, the terms and conditions on the no deposit bonus have the same similarities.

Differences in bonuses offered in Canadian and UK online casino sites

There are few differences in the online gaming method of the two countries. In Canada, there is nothing like a cashback bonus or bonus code offer in the UK, unlike Canadian-based online gaming.

In the UK, players can refer friends in “the Refer a friend” online game, a method that does not exist in Canada. For instance, on a no deposit bonus in the UK, players need to add high wagering to get their bonus, while in Canada, some casinos do not allow players to withdraw their rewards.


Casino bonuses both in Canada and the UK are almost the same. The major difference in both would be the currency. Depending on the site you choose, the values can be higher or lesser.

With this in mind, you can rest easy in whichever country you are in, knowing that you will get the best bonuses you deserve.


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