Top 3 Effective Strategies For Participating In Online Casinos


Online gambling seems to be all the rage recently, especially because a lot of countries are still maintaining restrictions on social gatherings due to COVID.

This is one of the ways for casual players to kill boredom and even reduce stress. Additionally, it also seems that younger people are more comfortable with the idea of gambling. Investing in new cryptocurrencies, putting money on which character will survive in the Game of Thrones are all fun, but at the same time, they are a form of gambling.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t have to be purely for fun, as some people aim to become professional gamblers. There are many gambling professionals who made a name for themselves by being really good at certain casino games.

In other words, there are viable strategies out there that you can use to improve your odds or mitigate your losses if nothing else. So, let’s go over these effective strategies.

Practicing Skill-Based Casino Games

You will find blackjack in almost any online casino, and blackjack is one of few games where strategy really matters. There is a whole list of scenarios that you need to memorize in order to play perfect blackjack, and it will take you a few days or even weeks, depending on how good you are at memorizing things.

Of course, the best thing to do is simply practice over and over until you learn it perfectly. Bear in mind that you don’t have to spend any money in order to practice, and all you need to do is download apps with free casino games.

Once you feel confident about your blackjack skills you can then create an account on one of the platforms. If you plan on playing this game exclusively you won’t have to create accounts on multiple sites in order to claim bonuses, since these bonuses rarely apply to this game.

Instead, you can focus on creating an account on a fast payout online casino as you will have quick access to your winnings. Now, even with a perfect blackjack strategy, you are not guaranteed to win, you simply reduce the chances of losing significantly.

If you want to have the edge over any online casino, then you need to learn how to count cards and that can be more difficult. You might have to sign up for an online course and be patient until you fully master this technique. All in all, it’s great mental gymnastics, and it will help keep your mind sharp, so it’s good for the brain.

Another game where you can use strategy is poker, but not video poker. Not all casinos have poker rooms where you can play against other players, most simply have video poker games that are all RNG and you simply get paid based on the cards you were dealt.

Poker rooms are different, and casinos don’t really make money off of them so it’s rare for a platform to host virtual poker games. You will need to be really good at this and playing for free won’t do you much good. Once again you can learn from online courses, or find a way to play against advanced AI, as it will translate into more relevant experience.

Using Multiple Bonuses for Pokies

Unlike blackjack and poker, online pokies or slots are games where you can’t affect the outcome. All you can do is be patient, and figure out how to significantly reduce your losses. You can pick one of the pokies with a progressive jackpot feature, or simply pick those that have a smaller prize pool but pay more frequently.

A good example of the second type would be Wolf Treasure online pokies, as it has a decent number of paylines across 3 rows, and you are more likely to hit the mega jackpot since it’s only around $12,000. You can play a demo a few times just to see how frequently you win anything, or how likely you are to enter the bonus round.

If you want to improve your odds you simply need to spin as much as possible and hope for the best. One way to get more spins is to use welcome bonuses, promo codes, and free spins promotions. These are all quite common among online pokies providers, and you will definitely find multiple operators with generous deals. Once you burn through one of your promotions, just move on to the next provider and see if you can get lucky there.

You should prioritize those sites that have a cashback bonus, as you will be able to get a lot of refunds on some of your losses. Moreover, you can expect to encounter heavy wagering requirements, so, make sure you go over the terms and conditions of different bonuses, just to see whether they are worth it or not.
Ideally, you want to find no wagering bonus offers, as those spins or wagering credit will come with no strings attached.

Avoid Gambling While Frustrated

effective strategies for participating in online casinos

Finally, you can save so much money if you are simply calm, patient, and thinking logically. Always remember that these are games and they are completely random. Don’t get frustrated and tricked into desperately chasing a win.

If you are on a losing streak, just say it’s not your day and stop playing. The previous outcomes do not affect the future outcomes, so the game won’t magically give you a reward just because you lost 10 times in a row. After all, these games are meant to be fun and relaxing. They serve as a distraction from real problems and stress, so don’t turn them into another stressful aspect of your life.

You are likely to encounter notifications or messages on the casino site that you should play responsibly. Meaning, even operators want to avoid users with reckless spending habits. After all, there are tons of regulations in place with the purpose of preventing those scenarios. There are tons of other operators and bonuses you can use, so there’s really not a good reason for you to spend your own money.

Furthermore, sites that follow protocol need to display just how much money you have spent, and how much you have gained. This is why you should always play on a licensed site or app, and pay attention to your expenses.


This is really all you can do to keep your chances high, and to avoid unnecessary losses. On top of these strategies, you should also make sure that you are playing with a legitimate provider who won’t try to scam you. To do this you need to play on sites that look professional and that are maintained by reputable companies. It’s also useful if that operator has lost different payment options for deposits and withdrawals. Ideally, they should offer crypto payments.

Another good way to check if a website is to be trusted is to go over user reviews. There are many sites that evaluate online casinos and that allow users to express their opinion or describe their experiences. If you find a lot of negative comments you can simply avoid that operator and find someone who is more reliable.


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