Enter the whacky yet intricate audiovisual world of Noisia [VIDEOS]


Music videos are an extraordinary form of art. Music videos let the artists express their emotions and music in a completely different manner.

In electronic music, we generally tend to overlook music videos because of our primary love for the artist and the artist’s music. However, music videos succeed due to their ability to supplement music with an audiovisual experience unlike any other.

Drum & bass in particular has witnessed few music videos. The love for the genre is such that fans are intrigued by the music and videos generally take a back seat. Dutch legends Noisia on the other hand have managed to defy this notion. The trio, along with their swashbuckling music, have given us some of the most fantastic music videos.
We take a look at some of the finest Noisia music videos thus far.

Noisia – Mantra

‘Mantra’ is by far the most defining track of ‘Outer Edges’. The beat drop complements the hypnotic vibe attached to the track. Additionally, it maintains its sense of momentum throughout. While ‘Mantra’ isn’t a very DJ friendly tune, Noisa have been repping the tune in their ‘Outer Edges Live’ shows and the tune has managed to do some serious damage.

Noisia – Collider

One of the first tunes released from ‘Outer Edges’, ‘Collier’ is one of the most whacked out videos delivered by the trio. If you thought the song was mind warping enough wait until you check the video. The eyes popping and the hairy donut might just give some weird creeps.

Noisia – Machine Gun

The original is a “typical” Noisia track: drum-and-bass-ish, with touches of house and other assorted electronica. This music video represents an abstract story of the self-destructiveness caused by all of mankind, and shows an influence from the Halloween classic, Frankenstein too.

Noisia – Tommy’s Theme

‘Tommy’s Theme’ is a dubstep masterpiece accompanied by a fantastic video. The quality of work on ‘Tommy’s Theme’ is something out of this world; almost an unrecognizable sound from their previous ruthless head-banging productions. The music video is a dark themed video with extremely compelling and stunning visuals.

Noisia & Mayhem ft. KRS One – Exodus

‘Exodus’ has a small story behind the video. Noisia and fellow producer Mayhem recorded a track together with the legendary rapper KRS-One throwing down vocals in his inimitable style. Around the same time, an extremely talented fan got in touch with the trio with a video he’d made for Concussion for fun. That fan was Alexander Lehmann. The video was so impressive that Noisa emailed Alexander back and the correspondence continued back and forth with the idea of doing a full project together. That project ended up being ‘Exodus’, and after many, many hours and constant modeling, editing, rendering and visits to Groningen to work with Nik from Noisia, the video came into fruition.

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