Essentials For Being A Digital Nomad Producer

essentials for being a digital nomad producer

It’s 2022 and we have earned that you don’t have to be in a particular place to do or get work done.

There is nothing new about digital nomads. Over the past few years, they have become increasingly popular. Music producers are among those who have adopted this lifestyle. Tour life takes them everywhere, but they still have to keep up with their work, since making music is their first priority.

To help the budding up-and-coming producers, below is the list of the most essential but basic must-haves for all digital nomad producers.
Starter Pack: Backpack, Laptop, Smartphone, and everything in between.

We all know what we need to live a nomadic life by now. However, as a music producer, you can’t skip the basics. It is important to have a good laptop with decent specifications so that your DAW can be used, as well as handle the load of the plug-ins.

Pair this up with a good smartphone, a heavy-duty power bank, a long wire charger, and a few cleaning accessories for the laptop, and all of your basic requirements will be met.

After you have completed this, place everything in a heavy duty backpack. Nomadic music producers will find UDG backpacks to be the best in the business since they have compartments and size specific bags specifically designed for them.

Your Best Friends.

It is easier to live an easy life thanks to apps. A good place to start is with Sky-scanner. Your biggest expense as a nomad is airfare, and SkyScanner helps you reduce that cost by showing you the cheapest flight options. As well as this, you need the recently made maps app ‘waze’ which provides you with details on the road from accidents to police traps. Tag this along with apps like Or Airbnd and now your stay is sorted.

Thats not it yet, you will need some day to day apps like timekeepers like ‘nTask’, ‘Toggle’, ‘Timely’, etc add ‘To Do List’, ‘’, ‘Google Calendar’ and now you have your days planned. Because time is the top priority of a nomad’s life, you have to keep everything planned and scheduled.

As far as priority is concerned, all of this is possible only with money, so download apps like ‘Mint’, Pocket Guard’, ‘YNAB’, etc who help you to stay on top of your finances.

Finally, you need access to social and communication apps like ‘Duolingo’, ‘Trip Advisor;’Tripit’, etc., which guide you to all types of places in your locality and help you communicate.

The Producer Must Haves.

Now as you are all set to live a nomads life lets comes to the main part.

As you start out, you will need a good monitor headphone; an open back may come in handy as it allows you to incorporate the natural environment into your mix. Add a portable audio interface and a small midi keyboard and you are all set to make all the nice sauce wherever you are.

For those of you who enjoy recording sounds, a portable USB mic is a must. It is also possible to record natural sounds outdoors with field microphones, which can be very helpful in creating your own sample bank and world of sounds.

One of the most important things is to have a good storage device. In order to maintain a good working environment, you need to store your work somewhere safe and have easy access to it. Fast and small SSD drives are the best solution for this problem.
As a producer on the road you need to have all of the above to make your next hit!

The Most Important Thing

Nomads in the 21st century need to be online and on the grid, which is to say that they must be online all the time. This is the most important aspect, because otherwise, all of this is just a plan without any action.

If you want to stay connected wherever you are on the planet, you need a person with you who can do that for you. It’s called a VPN. When you travel abroad, using a VPN will protect your web traffic and allow you to access websites and apps as if you were home and not be interrupted by your location.

To ensure global internet access and privacy protection, digital nomads need a VPN that provides a wide network of servers. Choosing a provider that protects all your devices with one subscription as well as ensuring leak protection and strong encryption is the most suitable option.

As soon as you have this pillar in place, you will be ready to begin your digital nomad journey.

All in all, things can always add up or lessen depending on where you are working and how much you are working. In any case, the above will always be in the bucket to make it easier for you to live a painless digital nomad life.

This will enable you to create the magic while doing so.

Shantanu Gursal


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