5 Events That Made Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Memorable

events that made taylor swift's eras tour memorable

The “Eras Tour” continues to remain one of the most talked about events in the world – but, that’s what you get when you invest as much time into preparing for something, as Taylor Swift has, in the “Eras Tour,” her 6th career tour.

Beautiful moments of the tour have crashed the internet a couple of times, and we’re back with another set of amazing events that have made Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” memorable for Swifties and the world at large.

Taylor Swift has installed reasons for why she is currently the giant of the American music industry, in the hearts of everyone who has come across snippets of the “Eras Tour.” Her impact is so effective that, when the “Eras Tour” began in 2023, people who were not Swifties at that time also queued just to get tickets to the event.

Even though not everyone could secure tickets at that time, thousands of people still made it to the concert, making Taylor Swift break another record, in the attendance category. So far, the “Eras Tour” has generated more than a billion dollars, and a large chunk of that money comes from ticket sales.

Getting tickets to the “Eras Tour” is currently being compared to a wild goose chase. That is because; available tickets are always met with unprecedented demands on conventional sites. This is why we advise you to try to get Taylor Swift tickets through a ticket marketplace. This will ensure you bypass the stress of waiting for available tickets alongside millions of others.

With that out of the way, let’s check out 5 events that made Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” memorable. No. 2 will surprise you.

5. “22 Hat” Giveaway

We’ll all agree that it has come to be a tradition, which we all think about, and expect it to repeat itself whenever the thought of Taylor Swift’s concert comes to mind. The intense feeling that uncertainty of who will be the lucky fan brings is crazy. That alone is a part of the concert that is worthy of remembering. You don’t get this feeling everywhere, but the “Eras Tour.”

The “22 Hat” giveaway does not happen often, so the luckiest sets of Swifties are the ones who have witnessed it. Also, the extremely luckiest sets are those chosen few that have received the “22 Hat” from Taylor Swift amidst her performance.

The giveaway takes place whenever Taylor Swift performs from the “RED Era.” The “RED Era” contains some fan favourite songs from her re-recorded version of “RED” after she parted ways with Big Machine Record Label.

For all it’s worth, Taylor Swift has made the “22 Hat” Giveaway one of the memorable events of the “Eras Tour” by being careful with who she gives the hat. Some of the receivers of the hat are Kobe Bryant’s daughter, and also a girl battling cancer whose wish was to meet Taylor Swift.

4. Rodeo Performances

Some of the interesting events that have made the “Eras Tour” memorable for attendees are rodeo performances. Taylor Swift has taken time to plan the tour, but it’s obvious that some of the events that take place in her concerts are on-the-road planning.

This can be extended to her sweet-sweet relationship with Travis Kelce, but it also covers all the time she shared clues of an incoming event with her fans amidst her performance. Such acts create a sense of purpose for her fans, and they don’t hesitate to put on their investigative face on, whenever she presents them with such adventure.

A couple of times to reflect on, for instance, are when she shared clues about the release of her version of, “1989.” But, that was after she shared clues of when she would release “Speak Now,” in the most romantic way possible.

Taylor Swift has made the “Eras Tour” as intimate as possible by personalizing every performance. Each Era has special attire that she rocks when performing it. This creates an intimacy that the fans can relate to since they also turn up in attires that share meaning with each Era of the tour.

3. Surprise Showups

We’ve seen extreme use of support and opening acts in the “Eras Tour” concerts, and they altogether create a more interesting atmosphere even before Taylor Swift takes the stage. However, we know that we’ll be meeting these special sets of people, so the excitement might already be exhausted from the time we set foot in the concert venue.

Comparing support or opening acts to some of Taylor Swift’s celebrity friends who have made surprise showups at her concerts is a 5 to 10 rating because people were not expecting them. One of the iconic appearances was made by Ice Spice in MetLife Stadium, for the performance of Taylor Swift’s “Karma” remix.

The crowd upon sighting Ice Spice went wild, and you could tell that that was a surprise appearance. Events like this have been scattered over so many of Taylor Swift’s concerts, and it just adds to the amusement of the show.

2. Fan Quake

Take a minute to imagine how an earthquake is. Then think of the fact that Swifties caused that much effect because of Taylor Swift. There are levels to this celebrity-ing, and Taylor Swift is at the grandmaster level of it.

Ever since the “Eras Tour” began, Swifties have been making headlines for their amazing support of their idol. One time, they gave Taylor Swift an ovation that made her emotional by the time it was over. The other time, Swifties camped outside a Buenos Aires stadium for 6 months waiting for Taylor Swift.

Such a level of dedication undoubtedly remains the morale and fuel behind Taylor Swift’s remarkable performances and professional handling of each concert amidst her tour.

The one fan engagement that remains the best is the time when Swifties showed the world they knew how to shake it off when Taylor Swift was performing “Shake It Off” in Los Angeles. According to research, the effect of the dancing Swifties was equal to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake, which is enough to cause a light shaking of objects and be felt by people inside a building.

1. Surprise Songs

Surprise Songs kinda have the same effect as surprise guests, but timing matters. From experience, surprise songs are best performed when the crowd is in the mood and mental state for it. A perfect surprise song that is misplaced might not have the required effect, therefore making it a wasted effort.

Luckily, this is one thing that Taylor Swift has also mastered during her concerts. She has proven this theory times without numbers. One such moment was when she performed “Tear Drops On My Guitars.”

The effect of the song was felt to the extent that people began looking for the exact type of acoustic guitar that she used. Taylor Swift uses different types of guitars, but for the performances of “Tear Drops On My Guitar,” she has used “Gibson-style single-cut guitars” on many appearances.

Other surprise songs that Taylor has performed are “How You Get A Girl,” and “Holy Ground.” All Surprise songs on this list have been performed at least 3 times by Taylor Swift on different occasions during the “Eras Tour.”


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