Mañana Será Bonito Tour: Everything You Need To Know Before Meeting Karol G

everything to know before meeting karol g

Karol G continues to prove to the world that she represents a version of female Latin artists they’ve never seen before.

Her 4th career tour, the “Mañana Será Bonito Tour” has broken many records, earning the 33-year-old Colombian singer a spot in the hall of the world’s most decorated and recognised female artists.

The “Mañana Será Bonito Tour” is currently left with a few days before it is wrapped up, and the anticipation for the final day initiates a release of adrenaline in the hearts of Karol G’s die-hard fans. The rush for tickets amidst other preparatory steps is clear proof that Karol has made so much impact in the lives of her fans ever since she began the tour in 2023.

One thing with having a dedicated fan base during concerts like these is that they eventually make tickets to the concert hard to get due to their demands. This is now the case of Karol G’s “Mañana Será Bonito Tour,” which has surpassed $250 million, after selling more than 1.7 million tickets worldwide.

Regardful of the fact that tickets are hard to get, we suggest checking out Karol G tickets through an online tickets marketplace. This will ensure you get tickets to the remaining concerts on time while bypassing any possible traffic.

With that out of the way, we’ll briskly dive into the main objective of this article, which is to update you on everything you need to know now, before meeting Karol G in any of her remaining concerts. Let’s get to it.

Karol G’s Concert Schedules

Karol G spent most of her time last year touring cities in the United States. The cities she visited are where some of the major consumers of her tickets reside. By the time ticketing sites started selling tickets to “Mañana Será Bonito Tour,” the demands made by fans became so overwhelming that new dates had to be fixed to accommodate most of her fans in cities and countries that were left out of the initial announcement.

As someone who intends to attend one of Karol G’s concerts, your first and most important step is to be familiar with her concert schedules, so that you don’t miss the D-Day. We’ve seen many cases where concert attendees arrive at the stadium a day after the concert was organized. Those who arrived earlier than they were supposed to are the luckiest, aside from the fact that they will have to spend extra.

The “Mañana Será Bonito Tour” currently has less than 18 shows left, spread across 8 countries. You can check out the “Mañana Será Bonito Tour” tour schedule for more information on when and where you need to be for Karol G’s concert.

What You Can Bring To Karol G’s Concerts

In this section, we will discuss a set of 5 items that you can bring to Karol G’s concert, which will contribute to your entertainment.

Phone and/or Portable Charger

You know you’re ready to meet Karol G in her concert when your phone is fully charged. Because her concert does not exceed 2 hours 20 minutes in most cases, you’ll only need to bring a portable charger and power bank if you were not able to charge your phone before leaving home or if you fear your device shutting down before you get the chance to save some memories.


Karol’s concerts are usually loud to an extent, so you will be doing yourself a favour by bringing along a set of earplugs. You can use them when the music gets too loud, and reduce the impact of it on your eardrum. If you intend on attending the concert with a minor, then make sure to make bringing an earplug for them a necessity.

Comfortable Outfit

When it comes to what you want to wear for Karol G’s concert, know that there’s a thin line between wearing an outfit you’re going to eventually regret, and wearing one you’ll be glad you wore. The trick is to always pick comfort over styling. If the clothes or dress you intend to wear isn’t comfortable enough, you’re better off without it. Consider the fact that you’ll be engaged in different activities. Comfort should be your top priority.

Digital Camera

The thing about digital cameras is the fact that they might be banned in some venues. Aside from that, they are the best alternative to carrying a portable charger and power bank. They are also the better equipment to use for capturing beautiful moments while at Karol’s concert.

Small Bag

A small spacious bag will be the best thing for you to carry all the items we’ve listed above. Keep in mind that any bag bigger than an A4 will not be allowed into most concert venues. To be on the safer side, you should stick to an A4-sized bag.

What You Can’t Bring To Karol G’s Concerts

Most of the things you’re not allowed to bring to Karol G’s concert are items that you can guess on your own. However, to give you a better idea of some of the things that you might not think about, here are 3 items that you can’t bring to Karol G’s concerts.

Weapons or Sharp Objects

Most times, people bring along weapons to concerts and they have valid reasons for their actions. However, Karol’s touring team has everything under control, including your security. So, you can lay down your guard for 2 hours, the duration of the concert, as weapons will not be allowed into most concert venues.

Illegal Substances

Illegal Substances will not be allowed into Karol G’s concerts. These include Cocaine, Heroin, Cannabis, Methamphetamine, ketamine, and the like. To an extent, prescription drugs might be banned, but that is if you fail to provide appropriate paperwork for them.


Umbrellas will not be allowed into Karol G’s concerts because they are big and can obstruct the view of other concert attendees.

Accessibility At Karol G’s Concerts

We’ve done a review of all the remaining locations where Karol G’s concert is scheduled to hold and we write this as a vote of confidence that all venues have credible accessibility for all types of concert attendees.

Ziggo Dome for instance, one of the multi-functional concert venues that Karol G is expected to perform in this month, located in Amsterdam, has been praised for its remarkable construction that makes accessibility easy for users. The venue is constructed with wheelchair accessibility areas, elevator access for wheelchairs, and special storage for wheelchairs.

This is one similarity that all other remaining venues for Karol G’s “Mañana Será Bonito Tour” have in common.

The Best Time To Be At Karol G’s Concerts

Karol G’s concert usually starts at 7 pm, every day. However, doors to the concert venue open by 5 pm, that is 2 hours before time. From experience, 2 hours is hardly enough time for everyone to be checked and allowed into the concert venue.

Your best bet will be to come earlier than 5 pm so that you’ll be at the front of the queue when the checking starts. This will enable you to get access to the concert venue on time. And you can catch your breath before the show begins.


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