Five artists that need to put out another studio album

studio album

For artists, a new year brings new content, new styles, new outlooks. 2018 is set to be a big year in EDM with a bunch of artists already having announced lots of new music and albums coming out. However, we feel that it’s high time that some of our favourite artists also release another studio album.

So here are our picks for the 5 artists we feel should release another studio album.

Axwell & Ingrosso

studio album

Axwell and Ingrosso have both teased an eventual album since the beginning of their reunion. However, the best we’ve got from them are a few EPs. (Yes, More Than You Know is officially now considered a studio album. But it wasn’t originally released as an LP) Now I’m not complaining on the quality of work they’ve put out but with so much hype over every single release from the duo, and almost all tracks hitting high spots on the charts, it’s time the Swedish producers consider coming out with a full album.

Check out their latest release Dreamer featuring Trevor Guthrie which came out just last month:

Jack Ü

studio album

Diplo and Skrillex have both agreed that their Jack Ü experiment isn’t gonna head into a second phase anytime soon. And that sucks! The duo made massive headlines when producing and performing as Jack Ü. Not only did they win 2 Grammys, they also broke chart records and had 9.5 million Shazams in 2015. I still remember their album launch party which was set to be a 24hr house party that was shut down early by the cops.

Anyway, fact of the matter is that Jack Ü made some good music and odds are they’d do it again if they wanted to. So here’s to hoping that Diplo and Skrillex do decide to someday get back together and give us another album! (I’ll even settle for a solo Skrillex album btw, just saying…)

Martin Garrix

studio album

Martin Garrix pulled off one of the sneakiest album/EP releases when he launched 7 tracks back-to-back in the month of October 2016, just before his DJ Mag #1 announcement. Since then the Dutch producer has released some quality tracks, including collaborations with Dua Lipa, Troye Sivan, Bebe Rexha and more. But what we fans really want from the #1 DJ in the world right now is his own studio album! There’s no doubt in the quality of music that’s coming out under his name and his aliases GRX and AREA21. So then why not just take some time and get out a good 10+ track album?

Here is the artist’s latest single So Far Away, a collab with David Guetta featuring Jamie Scott & Romy Dya:


studio album

It’s been 4 years since Afrojack released his debut album, Forget The World. It may have not got the attention it deserved but the quality of his musical knowledge really showed. In the meantime, the Dutchman has been releasing singles and remixes while on a constant tour across the globe. But the question to ask is, is he riding the wave for too long?

Afrojack’s signature electro sound may be lost in his current releases but that doesn’t really matter as long as the music is good right? Which bring me to wonder why the DJ hasn’t thought of taking out some time to put in another album just like he did four years ago. He’s got the following, he’s got the collaborators and he has the skills. Why not treat the fans to some brand new Afrojack music in the form of a studio album?

Here’s a throwback to his last album:


studio album

Having already released 5 albums since the turn of the century, you’d probably wonder why Tiesto’s name is on this list (Club Life doesn’t count). Well, for starters, he too like his Dutch counterpart above has not released a studio album in the last 4 years. His last album A Town Called Paradise came out in 2014 and featured hits such as Red Lights, Wasted, and Light Years Away. Since then, the Dutchman has put out a lot of music no doubt. He’s released over 20 tracks since then and they’ve all done well and got the crowd raving during his sets. But wouldn’t it be nice to have yet another solo Tiesto album again? I’m not even asking for the old trance Tiesto (though that would be amazing).

Just have a listen to Red Lights and think of what would be if another album like this came out:

Adding to this list, just for the sake of wishful thinking would be none other than legendary duo Daft Punk! Yep, we reeeaallyyy wish Daft Punk come out with a new album, and they should. It can probably land them another Grammy, they can headline Coachella again and we’d love their music cos let’s face it, we’ve all decided it’ll be good already.

studio album

So, there you have it. Our pick of 5 (or 6) artists that we really want to see release another studio album. Now depending on your kind of musical taste, you may have a whole list of artists different than ours. So here’s another mini-list of artists we considered before coming up with this article:

Armin van Buuren
(This list can seriously go on to be a lot longer)

Though this topic also leads us to ask the question, ‘Does it make sense for artists to release albums anymore’? A lot of DJs we’ve interviewed and spoken to say it’s easier to keep churning out singles that to have the discipline of working on a full-fledged album, and that is true! But is that the reason we don’t see so many albums on a bi-yearly basis from some artists?

Let us know in the comments below.

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