Formulas to #StayEnchanted at the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival!


Imagine that you are on your way to the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival for a festival filled with camping, adventure and music. What would you do to #StayEnchanted throughout the festival?

Well it can be a tough question to answer & that’s why we have the perfect solution!

We reached out to plenty of artists to share their formulas of how you can #StayEnchanted by naming the 5 essentials that you definitely should carry on this trip.


1. Ferry Corsten’s formula to #StayEnchanted


What better way to start this activity by getting our #ArtistOfTheMonth plus one of the headliners at Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015, Mr. Full AKA Ferry Corsten to share his formula to #StayEnchanted! Here’s what he thinks you should carry for #BEVC15!

a. Good hiking shoes

b. Satellite telephone

c. Portable shower cabin with toilet paper

d. Blow up sauna

e. Michellin star chef

If I could add a sixth, a masseuse would be nice too! 😉

2. D.O.D’s formula to #StayEnchanted


Next up to share his formula to #StayEnchanted is an artist who is fast becoming one of the most respected Electro House DJs and producers – D.O.D. Originally discovered as an ahead-of-the-game local DJ by Mixmag, whose editor Nick Stevenson declared, ‘D.O.D is one of the most talented young DJs and producers we’ve discovered this century. Expect big things.’ D.O.D has since released music on some the world’s most established labels such as Spinnin’, Laidback Luke’s Mixmash, Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak, Bingoplayers’ Hysteria Records and Dyro s WOLV. Check out his idea of what 5 essentials you should definitely carry to the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival!

a. A solar powered charger

b. A portable Bose speaker

c. A liter of vodka with mixer

d. An iPhone with music (no signal to call people though)

e. Good friends.

3. Elephante’s formula to #StayEnchanted

20150617_Elephante_Portrait2082v3 1

You have graduated from Harvard, your sound has been compared to the likes of Alesso, Madeon and Avicii, you have garnered support from almost every media outlet and you have played sold out shows across the country! Doesn’t this make you a brilliant choice to share your formula to #StayEnchanted at this year’s Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival? Hell yeah it does! Check out Elephante’s pick of the top 5 things you should carry with you for #BEVC15!

a. A Guitar

b. My laptop and microphone and make some really weird music

c. 15 boxes of Pizza

d. Bug spray

e. My stuffed dog toy because I am scared of the dark!

4. Flux Pavilion’s formula to #StayEnchanted

Flux 1

If you are a super talented singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, not forgetting DJ and producer, you can’t go wrong when asked to share the list of 5 must carry essentials for a camping festival. Which is exactly why we approached one of the biggest names in Dubstep – Joshua Kierkegaard G Steele aka Flux Pavilion and below is the list of 5 things he reckons you should definitely carry to this year’s Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival!

a. Ferns, because they generate oxygen and always make me feel welcome.

b. A selection of regional cheeses to help meet people.

c. Various empty shampoo bottles to read on the toilet and make it feel like home.

d. Jelly beans to establish a visual routing system to avoid getting lost.

e. A scanned and printed copy of the original Magna Carta to help me sleep.

5. Doctor P’s formula to #StayEnchanted


The next artist in our list of artists to share their formulas to #StayEnchanted is English Dubstep record producer/DJ and the co-founder of Circus Records – Shaun Brockhurst. Right from potatoes to hair & make-up artists, this guy’s formula to #StayEnchanted should have you absolutely covered at this year’s Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival! Check out his list below.

a. I always run out of potatoes in the first few hours at festivals, so a huge sack of potatoes is an absolute must.

b. Festivals can get muddy, so I always take my monster truck to help me get around.

c. It’s important to look your best at a festival, so it’s a good idea to bring hair & makeup artists.

d. Watching DJs and bands with your actual eyes can be boring, so make sure you’ve got a smartphone to hold up during every performance.

e. Don’t forget to bring a towel.

6. Cookie Monsta’s formula to #StayEnchanted


Next up is Dubstep maestro, Cookie Monsta who mentions his list of the 5 must carry essentials you should definitely carry to the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival in order to #StayEnchanted! Check it out below.

a. Booze, lots of it to get through hours of shaking my tail-feather.

b. Glow sticks just incase I need to get ravey and trip people out.

c. A face mask to block out all of the germs from infected people.

d. A folding camping chair for a surprise sit-down for when you realise you’re a bit old for all this non-sense.

e. My final essential is to take enough PLUR for the whole night, the last thing you need at a festival is to run out of PLUR.

7. Jody Wisternoff’s formula to #StayEnchanted


Here we go! First up, is the guy behind the A&R of Anjunadeep and responsible for signing acts such as Lane8 and Lancelot – Jody Wisternoff. Interestingly enough, Jody has also played at the Enchanted Valley Carnival festival in 2013. Here’s his list of the 5 essentials you should definitely carry on a trip to #BEVC15.

a. A sharp knife

b. Loads of booze

c. Maybe some food

d. A dope jacket

e. A canoe

You can never have enough tips on what you should carry with you for a music festival which has camping and adventure activities – like the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival! Hence, we got in touch with a few more artists and got them to share their formulas to #StayEnchanted!

8. THEM&US’ formula to #StayEnchanted!

Them&Us Press Shot 5

a. Toilet Roll – hands down the biggest essential of them all. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t!

b. Water – it seems obvious as a drink, but these secret best friends become life savers in the washing department

c. Sun block – when standing outside under the sun for hours, you’ll be happy the next day that you packed a bottle!

d. Cell phone battery packs – complete and utter 48 hour lifesavers!

e. Chewing gum – just in case you lose your tooth brush.

9. CORRUPT’s formula to #StayEnchanted!

Corrupt press shot

a. Portable iPhone speaker

Why: Always got to be the DJ! Keep the music going, the party never ends!

b. Fruit snacks

Why: Who doesn’t like fruit snacks?! Quick carbs 🙂 Great for on the go activities.

c. Deodorant

Why: Nobody wants to smell you, unless you smell good 😉

d. Mouth wash

Why: Bad breathe is the worst. Camping with fresh breath is impressive!

e. Bottle of Patron Tequila

Why: Most essential.. Why because turn UP. That’s why.

10. ZESKULLZ’ formula to #StayEnchanted!


a. my MacBook, because I didn’t stop write music in gigs

b. my 2 headphones : a) Senheiser HD25 for Dj sets b) Senheiser 650 for production

c. 3-4 usb cart for DJ set (always take more than 3 usb to avoid problems/accidents!)

d. my leather jacket and my rock’n’roll hat because it’s my style!

e. and it would be cool to take with me my yoga trainer!

11. BESANKAH’s formula to #StayEnchanted!


a. Disposable Camera – can’t be leaving those memories behind.

b. A poncho – the weather isn’t as good in England as it is in India.

c. Fancy Dress – nobody likes to be the one dressed normally at a festival.

d. Sunglasses – So we can pretend it’s sunny and look good at the same time.

e. Sun cream – nobody likes to put up with a sunburn!

12. DAN DOMINO’s formula to #StayEnchanted!


a. my music laptop (inspiration could come very easily when out in nature)

b. extended battery

c. my headphones

d. some warm clothes

e. mum’s homemade cookies and foods

13. TWO LEGS’ formula to #StayEnchanted!

Two Legs

a. Warm cans of Carling or Fosters – This is the true flavour of a festival. Pints are ridiculously overpriced by the stages. Just let these tinnies mature for a while in the dingy corner of your tent before cracking them open. Then just hope you’re already too pissed to care about the taste.

b. Miscellaneous item of clothing or accessory that you aren’t allowed to wear in everyday society – It could be some pink sunglasses; a lobster costume; a toga; some fish-net tights; a hat with a helicopter propeller on top; a Borat suit; anything you can get away with really. Because why not.

c. Toilet roll – Festival toilets are notoriously horrific. Think of that poor young girl who made national press after an incident that gave her the name of ‘poo girl’ at Leeds Festival 2009. That’s enough to make you take certain precautions…

d. Teddy bear – To cuddle up to on those cold and lonely nights in your two-person tent. Could also be used as a handy smuggling device, if you are so inclined.

e. Condoms – Because you just never know eh, maybe this year could be your year. But one thing’s for sure, you probably don’t want to be bringing your 3 month old baby to the campsite next time around.

14. UNDEFINED’s formula to #StayEnchanted!


a. hammock – cause you could sleep almost anywhere

b. a rain cover – cause you could sleep almost anywhere…. dry

c. fire lighting flint – your going to need fire so this is essential!

d. a swiss army knife – its just not a camping trip without a swiss army knife and it helps you make traps, catch food, start fires, cut things etc

e. a thermal coat – to keep extra warm

15. OTIC’s formula to #StayEnchanted!


a. Wet Wipes – Using portaloos in searing heat means standard toilet roll just does not cut it. Plus, if you can’t be bothered to have a shower you can wash with them in your tent!

b. Sunscreen – Even if you opt to leave a layer of dirt on your skin, the sun still gets through. And if you’re under the influence you don’t feel the sun until its too late.

c. Sunglasses – Protect your eyes and disguise just how wasted you are!

d. Phone – You’ve got to be able to meet your mates as a festie with no friends is no fun at all.

e. Portable Phone Charger – …and a phone with no charge is no use at all!

16. OTM Shank’s formula to #StayEnchanted!


a. Mp3 player & bluetooth speaker

So the music never stops, even when you’re back at your tent chilling between shows – or start the day with your favourite jingles.

b. Solar powered turban

Preferably Pink. Charge your gadgets without waiting in a long queue. Alternatively a wind up USB charger can be a good option, but expect a tediously tiring time-consuming experience.

c. Ear plugs


d. Tent

A recent scientific study reports that sleep is beneficial for your health, so a tent can be a wise investment (even if you don’t intend on doing too much sleeping).

e. Your ticket

Nothing’s worse than getting to the festival and realising you’ve forgotten your ticket. Well, I suppose there are plenty of worse things, but I still recommend double checking this before you leave.

So what do you think? Tell you what, you can also tell us your formula to #StayEnchanted by naming the 5 must carry essentials you would definitely carry for a trip to the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival! We will feature the best ones! 😀

You can check out the complete line-up for Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015 right here.

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