Ranking The Top Ten Gambling Songs To Add To Your Playlist

gambling songs to add to your playlist

When you consider the popularity of gambling, it’s not surprising that it gets a lot of attention from hit movies, television shows and music.

Many songs talk about taking risks, while others look at different facets of gambling. Here are the top 10 best gambling songs you can add to your playlist today.

1. Poker Face

Close to a decade ago, Lady Gaga decided to capitalize on the global poker boom by kickstarting her career with the smash hit “Poker Face.” The song draws parallels between everyone’s favorite poker game and love.

Beneath the song’s innuendo and infectious beat, you will find lots of poker-fueled lines that make it excellent when playing the game on sites listed at https://www.legaluspokersites.com/ to set off the beat and step up your game. If you’re familiar with this song, you’ll know that Lady Gaga ends up with all the cards at the end.

2. Viva Las Vegas

Sang by Elvis Presley, Viva Las Vegas is a classic gambling song released in 1964. The classic hit song sold over half a million copies after its release, even inspiring a movie by the same title. You’ll find lots of grooviness, pace and casino-related lyrics, making it a great song to listen to while gambling.

3. Tumbling Dice

Another classic gambling song, The Tumbling Dice, is among the best titles by the Rolling Stones. This 1972 song has the groovy guitar sound, slower pace and bluesy lyrics synonymous with all their popular songs. Unfortunately, the song never peaked to number one on global music charts, but it’s still among the best gambling songs out there.

4. The Gambler

Released by Kenny Rogers in 1978, The Gambler became a major hit and dominated the country’s music charts almost immediately after its release. This classic song talks about strangers traveling by train and talking about poker. In some way, this song talks more extensively about life than gambling while teaching you about control.

5. The Dealer

Despite being part of Steve Nicks’s solo album released in 2014, The Dealer would feel at home on the vintage Fleetwood Mac record. The track was originally composed in 1979, but it wasn’t released until three and a half decades later. This song tackles the topics of love and regrets with plenty of card references.

6. Rambling, Gambling Willie

Rambling, Gambling Willie by Bob Dylan is a great gambling song about a risk-taking bettor who roamed across America’s towns winning table games and fathering children. Ultimately, the betting man pushes his luck so far as you’ll find in the last verse. The song is written eloquently as in other Dylan’s songs, with a clear message to bettors – quit while you’re ahead.

7. Easy Money

Gambling can sometimes make you feel like the most accessible money you’ve ever made, as the experience isn’t physically demanding. This song from the 1983 album, “An Innocent Man,” clearly represents these sentiments. It’s an upbeat and fast-paced tune, making it perfect for listening as you wager online or offline.

8. Black Queen

Stephen Stills is arguably one of his generation’s most underrated guitar players, and his bluesy effort from his 1979 solo album perfectly supports that argument. Unlike other gambling tunes on this list, Black Queen isn’t open to interpretation as Stephen confirms the song’s subject in the opening line. It’s simply a gambling tune about a card game.

9. Gambler’s Blues

Like most of BB King’s songs, the Gambler’s Blues sound greater live than the studio version. While the song isn’t all about gambling, it brilliantly tells the story of a lover’s blues by recreating the wagering experience.

10. The Winner Takes it All

ABBA has several incredibly popular hit songs, including this great gambling tune. This song from the group’s 1980 album, Supper Trooper, dominated music chats across different countries, including the US, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Ireland. It discusses a common gambling aspect, with lyrics about dice, cards and other popular gambling practices.


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