Gaston Iungman: The Producer machine of the Air Theater

gaston iungman

Gaston Iungman is an Argentine musician, composer, guitarist, music director and producer. He specializes in experimentation with rock and electronic music, as well as large-scale multimedia performances.

He was born in Santa Fe, Argentina, on December 9, 1972. From an early age, he was influenced by The Who, Pink Floyd and The Kinks, famous classical rock bands that would motivate him to start his own musical career.

Between 1989 and 1997, he was the guitarist and composer of some Argentine and South American bands such as Miseria, After the storm (1995), La Naranja de Santa Fe (1992), Organica (1999) and The Brick, with which he toured in Spain, in 2001.


Grupo Puja!

In 1998, Iungman became the composer, music director and producer of the air theater, Grupo Puja! First, this initiative was born in Argentina, but currently performs astonishing shows around the world, using theater techniques, aerial choreography and original music.

The company has won several awards and recognitions such as the 1999 Prize for Excellence in Santa Fe, the Audience Award in the 15th 2005 FiraTàrrega in Catalonia and in the Street Art Festival of Espartinas, Loja and Torrejón de Ardoz.

In addition, he developed two fantastic shows called [email protected] and Dodoland. The first is a cosmic experience that transforms energy into something new, and the second one is an incredible show inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll.

He has performed more than 500 shows on many stages and festivals around the world, including the opening night of the Göteborg Paralympics Games, the Trafalgar Square in London and the Singapore Art Fest.

Beautiful Taste

In 2006, he founded Beautiful Taste and released his debut album Of Our Cornea, which was recorded and mixed in his study and in Blind Records, Barcelona; it was mastered at Fluid in London.


Its eleven songs received fantastic reviews from Altosounds, Route 66, Freek Magazine and The Parrot. In addition, the band performed at the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, the Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium and the Monkey Week Festival.

Voalá and Duchamp Pilot

In 2007, Gaston Iungman and the multidisciplinary artist, Roberto Strada, founded Voalá. This amazing company performs magical and hard-to-believe choreographies in the sky, guided by the rhythm of electronic music and rock.

Voalá has flown on the stages of Korea, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, England, Romania, Israel, among others, accompanied by Duchamp Pilot, a band specially created by Iungman to fuel their visual show with a fusion of rock, pop, new wave and psychedelic elements.

With Duchamp Pilot, he has recorded some albums for these aerial choreographies and, in 2015, independently released the single “Erratic Rigor Mortis”. One year later, he produced his first feature film, Part of the Process.

In 2018, he released another single, titled “Hello, what’s going on?” which has a video clip recorded in Bogota, Colombia.



His most remarkable show with Voalá is Muaré, a psychedelic ceremony that broke the rules of outdoor shows in 2010. It is inspired by the French artist, Marcel Duchamp, and the rotorelief technique.

According to Gastón Iungman, the “Muaré effect” is a unique experience that illustrates a very simple principle: two properly combined patterns can generate a completely different random pattern; that is, an epic show that will delight your senses.

In Muaré, Iungman brings together a group of acrobats who perform amazing random geometric choreographies in the air, following the rhythm of the music that he produced.


Future projects

Due to the success of Muaré, Iungman is developing two new shows: Sylphes, a magical ballet history performed in the air inspired from the heart of a pianist , who reaches the wonderful world of Fairies, and a new project with Pere Tantinyà director of  the theater company La Fura dels Baus.



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