6 Gift Ideas For Musicians Aspiring To Become Music Producers

gift ideas for musicians

Producing music is a talent that can take you to new heights, especially when you have the right equipment.

It can be overwhelming for a beginner because there is a list of equipment you need to create the beats you want. As a novice music producer, some essential tools and equipment will help you with your journey, and the list below can be a good start for you.


Modern music production requires a computer with upgraded requirements for the software you also need to make music. It can be a desktop or a laptop. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need a new one as long as your operating system is acceptable for the app. A separate computer is more luxurious, but you can dedicate one to music production if you can afford it.

If you are planning to purchase a new computer, you can browse through reputable shops similar to Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel for the best equipment you can find.

Studio Headphones

These specific headphones will give your ears high-quality sound for accurate frequencies when listening to your work. They are also made with comfortable materials if you require listening to music for long hours. If you also want to do an overdub-style recording, you will need the artist to sing along with the background music.

Good quality studio headphones are what you need because you’re designing, mixing, or mastering different sounds. You might want to try something along the lines of Focal Pro Listen Professional Headphones with the best crystal-clear sound producers need to create their best tracks.

Digital Audio Workstation

Also known as DAW, it is a software app crucial for editing, recording, and making audio files. It is your base and the foundation you need to create music. You’ll be recording your music using manual audio recorders if you don’t have one. There are many digital audio workstations to choose from, with various features a music producer can utilize.

A DAW typically has staple features, including pitch or tempo modification, recording multiple tracks, and filtering. You can find them in different brands. Think of DAW as the canvas for your painting. It is where you could put together the sounds in music production.
Audio Interface

Consider it the bridge between your microphones and instruments and the computer. Audio interface for beginners can cost under USD$200. Once you get the hang of producing and feel that you can work with something that has more features, you will find audio interfaces that you can work with based on your newfound skill.

For now, you want to look for the following in your audio interface:

How many microphones of XLR (External Line Return) can you connect to the audio interface? It then leads you to the question if you want to record multiple things simultaneously. You will need more budget for an audio interface with multiple microphone inputs if you do.

How will it connect to your computer? Your PC or laptop must be able to accommodate the audio interface you’ll choose. Many interfaces will connect to the USB port. Some will require Thunderbolt or Firewire ports.

Does your interface have Phantom Power? You will need to be specific and ask for microphones that work with interfaces with Phantom Power.
It is the process that some microphones need to receive electric power.

You can look into certain electronics brands that offer a wide range of music production equipment, including audio interfaces. They have fields for professional studios and less expensive options, including breakout cables and other accessories.

MIDI Keyboard

You can think of it as a blank keyboard where you can dedicate various sounds through your computer. Today’s most in-demand MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controller allows producers to play the sounds you set up through your computer. If you’re into computer-based music recording, you will need this.

The MIDI keyboard sends MIDI data to the computer or other devices that activate sounds from a separate external source. The source can be a digital instrument from your DAW or another hardware.

VST Plug-Ins

VST means Virtual Studio Technology, which is the digital sounds from your computer. Think of drums, FC strings, keyboards, choirs, and more that are the ingredients to the music you want to create. Many producers today use VST audio instead or real musical instruments.

People say that advanced technology makes the sounds so real that you won’t be able to tell the difference to some extent.

In Conclusion

These are the essentials you need if you’re a beginner wanting a home studio. You can upgrade your equipment when you’re finally accustomed to producing music. There are other types of equipment you will need if you’re working to have a professional studio. But the mentioned ones are the ones you need to get started with your music production journey.


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