Going to concerts frequently will help you live longer, according to a new study


A lot of people don’t understand why other people love going to concerts.

Well apart from the whole fun factor and love for live music, now there is science backing you to attend more concerts. Also, those of you who regret breaking their savings to buy that Ultra / Tomorrowland ticket, don’t worry attending concerts actually helps you live longer.

We are not trying to say that the oldest people alive now probably traveled the world following their favourite artist on tour. But this latest study is in favour of concert enthusiasts. According to research by O2 and Patrick Fagan, an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmith University, attending concerts regularly helps to have a longer life span.

This research claims that attending a concert for just 20 minutes increases the feeling of well-being of the person by 21%. It also includes 25% increase in feelings of self-worth and 25% increase in closeness to other. Mental stimulations of a concert attendee get boosted by 75%. The study also found that 2/3rd of Brits who were surveyed felt that listening to live music made them much happier than listening to music at home.

To give you precise numbers, according to Fagan and O2, attending a gig every fortnight could add 9 years to your life expectancy.

Looks like your yoga/meditation routine is going to be replaced with concerts now.

So, the next time you’re buying concert tickets, use this article to defend your decision.

P.S., Attend concerts because you enjoy them and not just to add 9 years to your life-span. Also, don’t forget to protect your ears. You wouldn’t want to live those additional 9 years being deaf.

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