The Top 10 Greatest Male Figure Skaters of All Time

greatest male figure skaters

In figure skating, individuals or groups of athletes perform artistic routines on the rink.

Men and women compete in separate singles competitions, and both sexes are welcome to compete in pair skating and ice dancing competitions.

Athletes’ moves are varied to please the judges, who rate the competitors on their elegance, flair, and control. Jumps and spirals in the air, spins on the ice, and various step combinations are all included in the moves.

In addition to making appearances at the Summer Olympics in 1908 and 1920 before the Winter Olympics, figure skating has been a part of the Winter Olympics since the games’ inception in 1924. Betting on dancing on ice has been growing considerably as an industry in the last decade as well due to the immense popularity of the sport.

Who Are the Top 10 Greatest Male Figure Skaters of All Time?

Find Out Some Interesting Facts about the Greatest Male Figure Skaters in the World

Evgeni Plushenko

Evgeni Plushenko, a Russian figure skater, is ranked first among the top 10 greatest male figure skaters in history. He is one of the most attractive Olympians, with four Olympic gold medals. In addition, he won four Grand Prix Final Championships, three World Championships, seven European Championships, and ten Russian National Championships over his lengthy career.

Gillis Grafstrom

Gillis Grafstrom, a Swedish figure skater, is ranked second among all-time great male figure skaters. Along with Eddie Eagan, he is one of the few athletes to have participated in both the summer and winter Olympics and to have won gold in both competitions. He has three consecutive gold medals in figure skating from the Olympics and three titles from the World Championships.

Evan Lysacek

American Evan Lysacek is ranked third among the top 10 male figure skaters. He is one of the all-time great figure skaters and took home Olympic gold in 2010. In addition to winning the World Championship in 2009, he has won the Four Continents Championship twice, the US National Championship twice, and the Grand Prix Final once.

Elvis Stojko

The top athlete of the best 10 male figure skaters from Canada in history is listed at number four. He is one of Canada’s finest figure skaters, a three-time World Champion, and a seven-time Canadian Champion. At the Olympics in 1994 and 1998, he also captured two silver medals in the singles competition. He is now listed at number four as a result.

Brian Boitano

Brian Boitano, an American figure skater, is ranked fifth among the greatest male skaters of all time. His frequent appearances on TV and motion pictures have made him one of the most well-known figure skaters. Brian won the Olympic gold medal in 1988. He has also won two world championships and four US national championships. He is well-liked, well-known, gifted, and demonstrates excellent sportsmanship.

Scott Hamilton

American Scott Hamilton comes in at number 6. He is particularly well-known for being one of the few skaters to pull off a backflip, which is against USFSA and Olympic competition rules but which he nevertheless did for the audience’s benefit. He also won a gold medal at the Olympics and won the national and world championships four times in a row.

John Curry

John Curry from Britain ranks seventh among the top 10 male figure skaters. Although he may not have received as many awards as the other skaters on this list, his ability to combine skating with ballet makes him one of the most creative and fascinating figure skaters of all time. Although he won the gold medal at the 1976 Olympics and became a World Champion, his “dancing skating” has endured. It can be challenging to locate someone with incredible talent and passion for sports.

Brian Orser

Canadian Brian Orser is ranked eighth among the best 10 male figure skaters. Brian has won eight Canadian National Championships and two Olympic silver medals and is one of the leading figures in Canadian figure skating. He also won the world championship in 1987. Later, he also guided Yuzuru Hanyu and Kim Yuna to the Olympic gold. Being an outstanding figure skater, he ranks eighth on this list of the top 10.

Kurt Browning

Kurt Browning, a Canadian figure skater, is ranked ninth among all-time great male figure skaters. In the Guinness Book of Records, he is the first person to land a quadruple leap. Kurt has won the Canada Championship four times and the World Championship four times. The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame inducted him. Our excellent player has every right to be proud of his ranking on this list, which explains how he ended up at number 9.

Todd Eldredge

Todd Eldredge of the United States comes in at number 10 on the list of the best 10 male figure skaters. Eldredge is regarded as one of the best figure skaters who never took a gold medal from the Olympics.

He was the World Champion in 1986, the USA National Champion six times, the World Junior Champion in 1988, and the runner-up in the World Championships twice and the Grand Prix Final. In 2008, Todd was enshrined in the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame. He is likely among the best athletes anyone has ever seen.

Who Are the Upcoming Stars of Figure Skating?

Meet some of the most promising figure skating stars of the future, who might be ruling the next decade and more!

Lucas Broussard
Shimada Mao
Hanyu Yuzuru
Chiba Mone
Yuna Kim

How to Bet on Figure Skating?

Betting on the winner is the most common type of figure skating wager made by the general public. It’s straightforward: a line of candidates is presented, usually no more than 8–10, with each candidate having a fictitious chance of winning in a total of two shows.

True, there are typically 1-2 persons or couples with considerable odds, with coefficients at least within 10. Everything regarding favorites is the same as in wagers on the victor. The calculation, however, happens separately in the short and free programmes. The likelihood of an unexpected result is higher in betting than in any specific situation.

In addition, the underdog is more likely to outperform the favorites on a particular day than the favorites. It is particularly accurate for the brief programme. The apparent favorite prepares for a free programme with a significant point gap. Several tumbles on quad jumps.

Additionally, because most skaters find it challenging to compete straight for the win, several bookies allow bets on competitors reaching specific tops. It is usually the top three, moving on to awards. However, this gradation can be more extensive—top 5, top 10, and so forth. Such lengthy “tops” are especially prevalent in lineups for significant events like the Olympics.

Figure Skating Betting Strategies

The best way to win dancing on ice betting odds is to thoroughly research the skaters, including their private and public lives. “Not very personal”—why? The truth is that skaters, especially those from other countries, are frequently fairly frank individuals who freely do interviews and use social media.

Skaters are occasionally overly open in the same interviews with media with a similar theme regarding their form and health issues. They sometimes divulge information about their personal life and some wholly esoteric abstract ideas. Anyone intending to wager on figure skating should focus on finding the best dancing on ice betting sites.

Bottom Line

greatest male figure skaters

Figure skating is one of the most popular and beautiful sports that has gained international recognition. Over the years, several athletes have made a solid impact in the world of figure skating. Several others with bright prospects are expected to take this sport to newer highs. Figure skating has become one of the most popular sports in the online betting industry. If you know the right ins and outs, there are plenty of big wagers to win!

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