Haunted Music Venues From Around the World

haunted music venues

Many of the most famous music venues in the world have a rich history that goes back generations.

These places were important fixtures in their communities and thus have been visited by people from all walks of life over the years. What’s interesting is how many of these places have a reportedly haunted side that defies explanation.

Stories of haunted venues are prevalent everywhere, making this one of the most common superstitions from around the world. Whether these places are truly haunted, or just the work of savvy promoters trying to drum up business is up to you to decide. Here are some of the most famous haunted venues.

The Rapids Theatre: Niagara Falls, NY

Since 1921, this legendary theatre has been a permanent fixture in downtown Niagara Falls. Many DJs and electronic music artists have played there over the years like Ratatat, Passion Pit, and numerous others. The theatre has changed ownership countless times over the century it has stood, and renovations have been done to update the building. Through all that history, there have been many tales and rumours of paranormal activity that have persisted.

Some of the most popular tales include a woman who hung herself in the basement after learning her husband died in World War II. The basement itself is a dark, cavernous system of tunnel-like hallways that are perfect for the eerie reputation the venue has gained. The owners say that a haunting whistling follows them around when they are alone there. Apparently the reputation for paranormal activity here has grown so large that it attracted the popular television show Ghost Hunters who have said it was one of the scariest places they have ever been. After the popularity of this episode, the Rapid’s owners have launched full ghost tours for interested guests.

St. James Theatre: Wellington, New Zealand

Several ghosts with peculiar personalities are said to roam the St. James Theatre. In the local lore, the most popular is the ghost of the Russian performer Yuri who supposedly fell to his death from the area above the stage before his event one night. Not only that, but the staff at the theatre will recall tales of a “wailing woman.” The apparition is said to be the ghost of a failed actress who took her own life after a terrible performance. Now she haunts the venue, causing mayhem and sabotaging events. Staff members will also stand by their statements that they heard entire boys choir performing late one night, supposedly the ghosts of a choir that had their last performance at the theatre before perishing aboard a sunken ship around the time of World War II.

The Roseland Theatre: Portland, OR

Portland is known as a music lover’s city and the iconic Roseland Theatre has hosted countless artists over the years like M83, The Chainsmokers, Afrojack and many more. In a city full of weird and unusual things, of course, there would have to be some haunted places. In 1990, the owner of the Roseland, Larry Hurwitz, was confronted by a young promoter named Tim Moreau over a supposed ticket scam that Hurwitz was running. After this meeting, Moreau was never seen again. The following year Hurwitz sold the venue and fled the country. It would be ten years for Hurwitz to eventually be convicted, and Moreau’s body has never been found. Patrons say that the ghost of the young promoter haunts the venue to this day.

the roseland theatre portland

Palais Garnier: Paris, France

The Palais Garnier is well known around the world as being the setting for the classic musical and novel Phantom of the Opera. While this story may blend truth and fiction, Paris locals and staff of the Garnier say that the stories of haunted activity are completely factual. The venue is quite old and thus has seen a lot of different events over the years, including some unfortunate tragedies. In 1896, a grand chandelier is said to have fallen and killed a patron. In 1873, a fire broke out during a ballet performance, killing a young ballerina and her pianist fiancé. If that is not spooky enough, the venue also sits atop a network of underground tunnels and reservoirs that have had immense historical significance throughout France’s many conflicts. The superstitions here are so embedded into the history of the venue that a certified doctor is required to be on the premises for every live event. Paris has a rich background with the supernatural, and sites like the Palais Garnier only serve to remind us of that fact.


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