Helpful Tips To Improve Your Music Taste

helpful tips to improve your music taste

Locked up during pandemic times, most people have been listening to their playlists to the bone. It’s high time to expand your music taste and experience musical pieces of various melodic complexity and genres.

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1. To start this journey, it would be a great idea to install a music streaming app that will allow us to discover new tracks easily. There are plenty of services to choose from, like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and others.

Many of these apps can be used free of charge. Still, a premium subscription is highly recommended for a smooth ad-free user experience and enhanced discovery abilities.

Try them all and pick the most convenient and best-looking app from your point of view. That will doubtlessly make the process of listening to brand new genres more of a joy.

2. Discover new unique tracks thanks to advanced recommendation algorithms based on your favorite artists and music albums.

Thus, when creating a new account on a streaming service, put up a list of all the different genres, artists, and songs you are listening to regularly.

Being aware of your current music preferences will help you find new or similar music. At least, this gives you an idea of what genres you lack familiarity with and may want to explore more.

For instance, if you are really into rap music and your favorite artists are Travis Scott and J Cole, you might want to look for other new-school rappers. Explore the music charts of different countries across the world. There can be some gripping music pieces in a foreign language you have never heard of.

To make life easier for the app algorithms and improve the correct selection of tracks that you may like, compile your playlists. App algorithms use your own-created playlists to get better acquainted with your musical tastes.

Listen to these playlists and let the streaming service keep suggesting similar songs once a playlist ends. Students can also buy essay safe about music industry and to be confident about information and economy time.

3. Regularly check out the popular themed playlists created on the platform itself. As a rule, they are divided into different moods and genres, and the chances you will find something new to yourself are pretty high.

Streaming services are also full of playlists created by other users. Use the search function to browse these playlists and choose something that looks interesting to you.

Also, don’t be afraid of scrolling through your friends’ public playlists. Friends’ musical tastes may coincide with yours, so why not take advantage of this opportunity.

There is also a frequently encountered tab on music services called “Made for You.” They can surprise you with little-known hidden gems that have the potential to go viral in the future.

4. Music blogs and magazines are an excellent way to expand your musical horizons.

Search for blogs and publications written by authors with similar musical tastes. Make it a habit to read them frequently to get insights from the music industry about brand-new releases and breakthrough performers.

Music publications always provide links to exclusive stuff that might not be on streaming services yet, such as remixes, mixtapes, or even exclusive music videoclips.

Additionally, attending live concerts may be beneficial for discovering preferences you never knew of. Purchasing tickets for the upcoming concert can be a great way to explore yourself, get some rest from your daily routine, and possibly make new friends, that will share your interests.

5. If you tend to listen to a certain type of music, you should leave your comfort zone! Bringing changes is crucial for all the aspects of our life and music is not an exception.

If you name yourself a rap lover, give R&B music a chance, as it has a more melodic sound. If you like rock, check out heavy metal. Nowadays, music is more accessible than ever before, so identifying music by a single genre isn’t the wisest decision.

The possibilities are endless, so just get out of your comfort zone and mix up the playlist.

6. It’s essential to value music as a unique artistic creation, not just as a commodity to broaden up your musical consciousness. Try to remember the last time you listened to an album as a collective project having a specific theme, bringing up certain community issues.

For instance, a good friend of mine once asked me to listen to the new album of Imagine Dragons, even though I am not a huge fan of this band. I didn’t think spending an hour listening to the music I was not into was the best decision. However, I gave it a try.

Initially, it was a bit boring, but after the final note, I developed a deep respect for the group. I managed to hear what the band was trying to convey to the audience with this project. It is something that comes only from the perception of the project as a whole. While you can’t find Imagine Dragon’s track on my playlist, it doesn’t change the fact that they are masters of their craft.

7. Finally, put a face behind the music you listen to. Sometimes, it can be so advantageous for you to dig deeper into the life of your favorite artists.

That’s so fascinating to discover who your artists looked up to in their music career, what inspired them to create, and which difficulties they encountered along the way.

Search them on social media platforms. You can follow people you like and keep an eye on their latest artistic news.
Check artists’ profiles on social media and music streaming services to discover their music and see whether you resonate with their art.

Hopefully, you found these tips useful, and they will help you to develop unsurpassed music taste.


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