How Mexico City has become the Mecca of music streaming

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Spotify has named Mexico City the ‘Streaming Music Capital’.

Yes, Mexico now has more Spotify listeners than New York, London and any other city in the world. This is also going to pull artists for tours and events. Mexico city has 22 million inhabitants and is the best destination for musicians like, Diplo, Adele for whom Mexico city is number 1 ahead of Sao Paolo and Brazil, Metallica (ahead of Sao Paolo and Santiago), Harry Styles, Radiohead (ahead of Sao Paolo and Los Angeles), New Order (ahead of Sao Paolo and London) and Bruno Mars to name a few.

Well, Mexico has been slowly rising to be the Mecca for music streaming. While the Chilangos (people of Mexico) have a great appetite for things that taste, look and sound cool from around the globe, music streaming is certainly no exception.

mexico city music streaming capital
Mexico has been on the rise for the music streaming market since 2015. According to the IFPI stats, paid subscription and ‘freemium’ streams accounted for $23.9, in wholesale revenue for artists and labels in 2015. This was also a 212% rise on the $7.65m generated in 2014.

Moving on to 2016 subscription audio streaming stood at $45.8m alone with a total streaming revenue rising to $71.4m, which makes the rise to a 61% year-on-year. Mexico was also the 15th largest recorded music territory in 2016, with the total revenue growth increasing by 23.6%, which accounted to $133.5m owing to a jump in the streaming!

Cesar Rosas the head of (PIAS)’s operation in Mexico City said – ‘Spotify is definitely a dominant brand here.’ He also added by saying ‘ Independent music is more than a brand to people here. The most interesting music is coming from independent brains. We are becoming a very important force here, both creatively and business-wise.’

Mexico City has evolved in a few short years from being Spotify’s very first Latin American Market in 2013, to having the largest listener base worldwide today. This has also made international artists realize that Mexico is the global music epicenter. Currently, Gorillaz, a popular virtual hip-hop act, is dominating Mexico City. This is a quirky fictional character-based group that has 434,023 monthly Spotify listeners only from Mexico City. Another band that has 1.6 million monthly listeners from Mexico City is a Minnesota-based band named Hippo Campus.

The city has definitely evolved into one of the topmost markets to consume digital music especially in the last 5 years, and we only see it growing further from here on. This growth is also pretty evident after Mexico City’s Corona Capital City Festival, which was held on Nov 17 and 18. Artists like Imagine dragons (995,940) monthly listeners, Robbie Williams (322,851 monthly listeners), The chemical brothers (117,190 monthly listeners) and the Nine Inch Nails (75,142 monthly listeners) who performed at this festival, have the highest numbers of listeners coming from Mexico City from Spotify’s listener data.

We are definitely planning to go to Mexico for the next festival that takes place there. How about you?

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Paridhi Bhatiya


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